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***THIS IS A REGULAR SALE***  Are you tired of unresponisve banks , REO properties and endless short sales? Then look no more!!!Cozy, well kept starter home. Perfectly manicured yard in a perfectly manicured neighborhood. You will be immediately struck by the care and craftsmanship of your new ho...
I have been around pretty much since the advent of dirt. And I have to be honest, I recieved a reply from yesterday's blog entry, ATTENTION LISTING AGENTS ,that left me speechless. Being of Irish decent, I don't find myself afflicted with that problem very often. Luckily, it didn't leave me finge...
OK, I normally try not to vent here. But I'm afraid that if I don't, the top of my hairless head may very well blow off. So here goes: Attention Listing Agents!!! Attention Listing Agents!!!... The slightest bit of professionalism would be greatly (and at this point, refreshingly) appreciated. Yo...
Southern California is seeing steady, month over month gains in housing appreciation. If you enjoy reading that as much as I do, I'll write it again, just so you don't have to go back. Southern California is seeing steady, month over month gains in housing appreciation.   What is even more impres...
How many of you have been out house hunting and seen some bank owned properties that look like this: They are usually the ones that the "creative" REO agent describes with terms like " Needs a little TLC" or "Handyman's Delight". In reality, the description should be "Bring your own hand sanitize...
Read The Time Magazine Account of The Historical Speech Here Several years ago, I heard George Raveling, former University of Iowa & USC basketball coach, give his fascinating, first hand account of the events prior to /during/ after one of our country's most important speeches. George Raveling ...
MUSIC TO MY EARS Signs of life in the home-building industry - Who would ever have thought it? The thrill of street closures, the sweet sounds of construction crews pounding away at what-the-hell o'clock in the morning and giant vehicles full of lumber&roof's starting again...
In a surprising move, The Federal Reserve of New York has apparently hired all forward thinking rocket scientists currently available in the U.S. Further proof of this was an article appearing in today's Wall Street Journal. To the shock of the banking world, home loan modifications are actually ...
Call me traditional(it sounds a lot better old-fashioned), but I don't get the generic, 'Merry Christmas...Hope The Season Brings You Great Joy", mass texed ( what IS the past tense of "text" anyway) messages. Other than an 800 number that would follow, there's not much difference between that an...
...Personally, the answers are "Could Be" and "Like A Mosquito Bite In the Middle of My Back" TARP profit at least $16 bln so far: Treasury - MarketWatch  Don't look now, but TARP ( Troubled Asset Relief Program) is getting re-paid, and may actually turn a profit! Before I go any further, let me ...

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