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Short Sales, To Pend or Not To Pend. . . That Seems To Be The Question. 1/14/09 Frank J. Wasung When an offer comes in on a short sale, does it need to be marked pending? For our purposes here, I will not go into a short sale description; you can find that in my last post. For those readers not i...
Short Sale Success   1/14/2009   Frank J. Wasung   Today was a great day. Today one of my listings, a "short sale", was finally approved. The offer was submitted on November 8th, and the buyer, seller, myself, and the other real estate agent have been waiting for this day ever since. Who approved...
Buyer Agency Service   To purchase a home for the best possible price and terms, securing the services of a Buyer Broker is a great decision to make. Without Buyer Broker Representation, buyers lack a competent professional looking out for their best interest in the transaction.  The Sellers agen...
Should I Only Buy a Bank Owned Home? Frank J. Wasung 1/11/2009 "Should I Only Buy a bank owned home"? This is a question posed to me often. Another common statement I hear is "I only want to buy a bank owned home". My response is simply. . .why? Can you get a great deal on a foreclosure? Yes. Can...
Buying Bank Owned Homes Frank J. Wasung 1/11/2009 "Only send me bank foreclosures"! This statement is made to me so often from home buyers who are looking for the best deal. Many feel that the only way to accomplish this is to purchase a bank owned home. This may or may not always be the case, de...
Wow, here i go as a new blogger. This is my very first and it is exciting to move forward. The technology of today is amazing to me, and I had recognized a long time ago that staying on top of it is the key to success. My clients always hear from me that I work hard to be sure that thier home is ...

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