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As a Franklin TN REALTOR®, I am always looking for ways to assist you in the search of your new Franklin TN home. Here you will find information not only about the real estate process but local news and events to help you get to know Franklin TN better. For further assistance, contact me at (615) 495-0752 or visit



How do you feel when another agent features your listing on his website? I know this may be a highly controversial subject for some. But for me the answer is relatively simple. My goal as a Nashville TN listing agent is to get my client's home sold. I go to great lengths to get my clients the exp...
MTHEA Makos beat Brentwood Bruins tonight. MTHEA stands for Middle Tennessee Home Education Association. That's right our home school swim team beat Brentwood High School's swimming Bruins. The score: Makos Boys 96 points Makos Girls 78 points Combined Makos 174 points BHS Boys 74 points BHS Girl...
How do you determine the value of my home? Buyers comparison shop today when buying a home. In fact due to the internet, buyers have more access than ever to information to determine the value of your home. They'll not only be looking at the asking prices of homes in your market but also the sell...
Brentwood TN Home Sales for the 4th Quarter 2010 saw a slight increase in the number of homes closed in the 4th quarter versus 3rd quarter with 155 homes closing in the 3rd quarter versus 159 closing in the 4th quarter. The average sold price for Brentwood homes increased from $563,119 in the 3rd...
It Snows in Franklin TN I am originally from the Chicago area and am no stranger to snow. When it snows in Franklin TN, however, it's a different story. Last night Franklin got about 3 inches of snow. By Chicago standards that is not much snow but here it closed down the schools, county rec cente...
How are you servicing your loyal clients? My husband and I got a new HDTV this year for Christmas. We already had one HDTV but decided it was time to buy another for our bonus room since that is where the sound system is set up. We hooked up the TV on Christmas day but the picture didn't look qui...
Sometimes the Only Criteria That Really Matters is Price Yesterday, I wrote a post entitled Do Clicks Really Matter? I received the following comment in response to that post. OK, you folks do this for a living, so you're probably right. But, the "clicker" already knows the price of the home befo...
Dear Tammie, At the listing presentation, you talked a lot about getting Internet clicks. All we're interested in is showings. Do Internet clicks matter? Dear Mr. Seller, Yes, Internet clicks matter. According to the National Association of Realtors, eight-nine percent of buyers begin their searc...
I recently received correspondence from a potential seller. His question: I see you put other homes for sale on your single property websites? Why would I want other home listings on my single property website? It seems you're more interested in marketing yourself than getting my property sold? T...
Franklin TN Home Sales for October 2010 saw a increase in the number of homes sold from 101 homes in September to 113 homes in October.  The average sales price decreased by almost 3% from $393,018 in September to $383,021 in October.  Franklin TN homes sold on average for 97% of listing price.  ...

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