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As a Franklin TN REALTOR®, I am always looking for ways to assist you in the search of your new Franklin TN home. Here you will find information not only about the real estate process but local news and events to help you get to know Franklin TN better. For further assistance, contact me at (615) 495-0752 or visit



When I first came into real estate, I went with a big box brokerage. They offered the training I was looking for and a multitude of other features, including a website. In the beginning, I was very happy with the new brokerage. I attended every training that I could. They offered floor duty and a...
I can't think of a better way to be successful in real estate than to follow through with everything that is promised to a buyer or seller. It seems like a relatively simple idea and yet so many agents let things fall through the cracks. My goal is to always do what I say and say what I do! When ...
My husband is in business with me. He began his blogging journey a year ago. Head over to his post to congratulate him on one year of successful blogging. He has been a wonderful addition to the TW Realty Group. I don't know where I would be without his love and support. This first year has been ...
As a Franklin TN REALTOR®, I work with a lot of out of town buyers. I always suggest they speak with a local lender prior to putting in an offer on a home here. I recently ran into a situation with a buyer moving here from California. In the process of writing an offer, I discovered that her lend...
As a Franklin TN resident, you are probably well aware of Dave Ramsey and his approach to being debt-free. I myself strive to remain debt-free. However, in the world of home buying, credit is a necessary evil. Without it, you may pay a premium on your mortgage interest. My suggestion, own one cre...
As a Franklin TN REALTOR®, I see lots of surprising things. However, I can honestly say I've never seen a listing that stated the kitchen would not be removed. Hmm... If you are contemplating a move, then be sure to remove items of importance prior to putting your house on the market. You never k...
One of the number one complaints I hear from sellers whose listing has expired is that their previous agent didn't communicate well with them. They weren't getting feedback and didn't know how their home was priced in comparison to others. Communication is such an important part of a real estate ...
Consumers often think that real estate agents make a ton on money. The truth: we work in a field that has a lot of risk. There are times we will be working with a client and never even see a dime. Even though, we've fulfilled our part of the bargain. We are in what is called a Risk/Reward busines...
I often have buyers call me about a home they saw on-line only to find out that home sold ages ago. The best way to get the most accurate information is to work with a Buyer's Agent who is sending you daily updates with new listings. The Franklin TN housing market is very brisk right now. Many ho...
The first thing I say to buyers after they get under contract to buy a new home, don't spend any money until after closing. What to buy new furniture? WAIT. Need a washer and dryer? WAIT. Thinking your car needs to be replaced? WAIT. Don't take any chances of losing your new home because you coul...

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