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I remember when my lovely wife started working with me.... She would always tell me that I would forget to call her because I was forgetful not too busy to call like I was claiming....  She soon saw that I was telling the truth about being busy.... If I am not with a client I am calling back if I...
I was reading up on a new program called "Keys to recovery" and am not too sure if there are companies already doing them!!!!!!  It is very interesting and would be a good idea if implemented correctly..... I wanted to know if anyone knows more about the program... The part that most interests me...
I wanted to share this funny experience with you all.  My wife and I were driving down the street and I told her to go and get a "Fountain Drink" and here McDonalds has a special on there drinks for only $1.  I wasn't driving so I tell her to pull in and she says "ok" we pull in and then she says...
I am sorry in advance for this out burst!!!!!!   What ever happened to being a true professional?  I have been dealing with a poor excuse of a Loan Officer....   The story is about promising something that you can't deliver.....  One of the hardest things to do as a Loan Officer is to tell someon...
How grateful are you for what you have?  I know that we all are in need of something or want something....  After our prayer session at church last night I left there questioning how grateful are we for what we have?  I know sometimes we get carried away with our needs and wants but if you have o...
When selling your house there are so many angles to consider before you make a decision on the price.  Normally the seller wants more and the buyer wants less and we hope to meet in the middle... Some times I have heard of Realtors doing the appraisal first just to avoid a upset seller.... I don'...

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