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  Realtors guide for Home Loan Process  Introduction: I have come up with this system to better explain the loan process for the Real Estate community.  I as a Loan Officer, try to educate my fellow Real Estate colleagues in the loan process.  If we all are on the same page then we can work in be...
  Although most of my blogs are mostly pertained to Mortgages and Real Estate, I thought it would be neat to throw in something a little different. As most know, I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ, I’ve built my foundation on his rock with not only my family, but with my business as well. I ca...
  Do I Need a Pre-Approval Letter to Make an Offer? At the end of the day, you don’t necessarily NEED a pre-approval letter to make an offer on a piece of property.  But nowadays, with so few properties on the market, and so many multiple-bid situations, it’s often a requirement just to hear bac...
A pre-approval is a written, conditional commitment from a bank or a mortgage lender that says you are pre-approved for the mortgage financing in question. It comes only after filling out a loan application, supplying verified income, asset, and employment documentation (assuming these items are...
If you choose to finance the home purchase with a mortgage, you’ll need to get pre-qualified first. A “pre-qualification” isn’t as robust as a pre-approval, but it’s a good first step to ensure you can purchase the home you desire (or any one at all). A pre-qualification is a pretty straightforw...
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 If you’re a future homebuyer, you might have used one of those “How much mortgage can I afford?” calculators online. These calculators typically gather information like your down payment amount, credit score range, monthly or annual income and debts. Then, they’ll spit out an estimate of what a ...
  When it comes to real estate, there must be a meeting of the minds for a property sale to take place. The value a buyer applies to a property can vastly differ from the value a seller or lender places upon it. The seller, the buyer and the lender must find an agreeable value to attach to a pro...
  Understanding the “Shop Talk” between the various industry professionals is quite important. If you do not know the terms it may be a bit difficult to make a home buying decision, therefore we wanted to highlight the top terms that most borrowers will hear several times throughout the approval...
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