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Many times we have so many things to do and you really can't get to all of them at once.  On Monday we started working out (New Years Resolution) again, after about 3 months of "not". Wednesday we were on our way to the gym and out of no where this car rear ends us going in the same direction at ...
How to qualify for a loan in today's market?  Made Easy!!!  I work with many Realtors and there job is to find interested buyers.  I know that is far from a closing or check.  We work together to try to qualify as many prospects as possible.  I wanted to try to make this easier for those agents l...
I am sure we are all wondering what will happen with our Financial and Economic future?  The HUD Department has extended the $100 Down Program for our surrounding Area.  This program also allows for the closing costs to be included in the loan.  This is a very affordable option to many First Time...
FHA vs Conventional Loans I am know that FHA is a great option for some borrowers but not always the best option for everyone.. When someone is giving a large down payment there is a significant advantage to the conventional loan.  I have created this scenario to best explain the difference betwe...
I have a question I know that FHA has made some changes lately too there guidelines.  I have been looking all day for a answer and thought of my friends here at AR Network.   I have learned so many things by reading so many of your blogs and experiences, but now I need a little more help...  I am...
I have been a Houston Rockets fan loyally for some time now and am very glad to see that they have been active in the Free Agent Market this off season.  I think that this will be a good year for the Rockets.. As long as they stay healthy, now with the addition of Ron Artest I hope to see the Roc...
I have been a Loan Officer for the past 4 yrs. and have been running a Mortgage Branch for the past two years and haven't been charging my clients (Referrals) a application or Credit Report Fee.  These clients are Rreferred to me by my Network of Realtors here in the Houston Area.  I work them up...
I have a unbelievable supernatural testimony for all of my fellow Christians.  I am never amazed and forever grateful to our God for all of my many blessings.  God is great and never arrives late, in my experiences I have noticed that he has the perfect timing.  He arrives in the nick of time eve...
I remember when my lovely wife started working with me.... She would always tell me that I would forget to call her because I was forgetful not too busy to call like I was claiming....  She soon saw that I was telling the truth about being busy.... If I am not with a client I am calling back if I...
I was reading up on a new program called "Keys to recovery" and am not too sure if there are companies already doing them!!!!!!  It is very interesting and would be a good idea if implemented correctly..... I wanted to know if anyone knows more about the program... The part that most interests me...

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