Changing the Narrative in Real Estate & Mortgages

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Fred Glick is a nationally recognized, award winning, mortgage and real estate professional, REALTOR® and UpFront Mortgage Broker® with many years of experience. He has closed over $1B of transactions over his career.
We all know that real estate agents are not looked at by the public in the highest regard.  That discussion is for another time.I want to help agents around the country be regarded by the public at large by starting with something simple.It hurts me to see that agents have on their correspondence...
Everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon.  Pictures are great but video is the "next" thing that seems to be on most listings. There are videos that walk through the house, pan up and down but if your pictures are good enough, won't people want to see the home just because of them? I think w...
Everyone's time is worth something.  From the lawyer at $1,000 per hour to the minimum wage worker at (now) $8.25.   As an agent, your job is to work for your client and show them a home.  The listing agent's job is to sell the home. The lister got the opportunity because he/she convinced the sel...
How dumb do you think we are? Real estate agents now have what are called pocket listings.  It’s when they have a home for sale that is not in the multiple listing system (MLS), even though they signed the MLS agreement to share. So how do buyers find out about them?  They are usually the buyers ...
Yes.  I am a happy guy! But sometimes, I just have to be realistic. Crash?  Those are harsh words, I know, but in this case there are so many stupid and utterly preposterous decisions made that are politically or emotionally produced that make no sense. Politicians and bureaucrats sometime forget...
What is it with some companies and people?   I was on Craigslist today searching for a client for an apartment.  I found one I clicked on that had a place being offered by an internet rental broker that does have a company license in PA. The only problem was, the “agent” listed was a “Marketing A...
I will be on CNBC at 3:10ET talking about the real estate market. The gentleman that is on with me has predicted an upcoming real estate collapse.  He says that anyone that buys a home now is a sucker. Obviously, I will make minced meat of him :)  Get the popcorn, watch and enjoy!
Yes, I have a reputation of being hated by other agents because I have released the secret codes that make some agents rich because they "forgot" to tell people the real secrets of the business. First, I don't care that these people are pissed and I am happy to promote reality to the public.  I ...
Time is money.  Commissioned salespeople know this all too well. Today (and many times before), I showed a house to my client that they did not want to buy.  There were issues, priced too high, needed work that you could not tell from the pictures, etc. I know now I will get a call from the agent...

Fred Glick

Changing the Story in Real Estate & Mortgages
Changing the Story in Real Estate

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