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Fred Glick is a nationally recognized, award winning, mortgage and real estate professional, REALTOR® and UpFront Mortgage Broker® with many years of experience. He has closed over $1B of transactions over his career.
The loan modification business must be the only booming industry right now. Unfortunately it's out of control. I believe in the concept of banks working with borrowers to help them stay in their home but these hard times have opened the floodgates to many vultures. These people are generally the ...
In order to stop higher mortgage rates, outrageous appraisal fees and long delays, please sign this petition and forward to all in the real estate/mortgage industry. Your help and pressure on the banks and the Fed will get rid of this stupid program.  Also, there is talk of expanding it to FHA lo...
CNBC Washington correspondent and real estate reporter did a great job or reporting on the HVCC that was implemented today.Here is the report:Home Valuation Code of Conduct: Fix or Fraud?Posted By:Diana OlickBut don’t talk to an appraiser or a mortgage broker about it, or you’ll get an earful. Mo...
Great news! I am happy to report that we are now able to do loans with the new and updated Fannie Mae mortgage limits! Those of you in the LA and Orange counties along with the Bay Area, you can now get the higher loan amounts for fixed and ARMs! For some ridiculous reason people on Philadelphia ...
By Alan J. HeavensInquirer Real Estate WriterThe deepening recession took a big bite out of second-home sales in 2008, the National Association of Realtors reported yesterday.The economic downturn hit the vacation-home market hardest, with sales down 30.8 percent, to 512,000 units from 740,000 i...
Fannie Mae rolled-back one of its least popular mortgage guidelines updates of the last 12 months. Effective March 1, 2009, real estate investors can once again own and finance up to 10 individual properties. The restriction reversal does come with new minimum requirements, however. Homeowners bu...
As I predicted on a CNBC interview...In a story out of CNNMoney, in the five months since it has been in effect, the $300 billion HOPE program has helped exactly one homeowner to avoid foreclosure, and has received only 752 applications.Congress appropriated money for this program. Let's have Con...
Toll Brothers has done it again! Someone could not get a mortgage because of the time lag and change in mortgage requirements so they kept their entire deposit! Read the full story at and then come back and comment. Couldn't they take back a second mortgage for the difference be...
Pennsylvania Small Business Energy Efficiency Grant Program The Department of Environmental Protection announces an upcoming grant opportunity for small businesses undertaking energy efficiency projects. The Small Business Energy Efficiency Grant Program provides a 25% matching grant, to a maximu...

Fred Glick

Changing the Story in Real Estate & Mortgages
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Fred Glick is a nationally recognized, award winning, mortgage and real estate professional, REALTOR® and UpFront Mortgage Broker® with many years of experience. He has closed over $1B of transactions over his career. Fred is the Principal of U S Spaces, Inc and U S Loans Mortgage Inc., Partner at, an arithmetical way to search for property and is President of the UpFront Mortgage Brokers. Fred has been featured for his real estate and mortgage expertise on CNBC, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, NPR's Marketplace, CBS News,, Philadelphia Inquirer and other publications. Please see for media replays, licensing information and social network connections. After a couple of cups of coffee, Fred writes smart, fun prose about real estate, mortgage and/or politics at his blog, twitter and Facebook page. He is also an avid ice hockey player and city bike rider. Additionally, Fred is an active Board Member at the non-profits, Hidden City Philadelphia and Culture Works Philadelphia.