Your Home is Going on the Market Tomorrow What are You Thinking About?   Going live on the MLS is a big deal, and probably prompts lots of anxiety for sellers. It will raise a few questions, and maybe even a few doubts.   There’s been lots of preparation (hopefully) for days or weeks - taking ca...
My Love/Hate Relationship with Gift Cards. Years ago I wrote about my love/hate relationship with gift cards. Well, times do change and the older I get, the more I embrace them. I still miss (a little bit) the idea of going out and picking out and buying a gift for someone. What I love is watchi...
Do you like to play it safe? Taking the path of least resistance is a choice many people take. Taking the safe course of action is risky. That’s right! For example, you may lose an opportunity, your competitive edge or your business. Someone else may replace you while you are in your comfort zon...
     Can the Buyer move in early?  The Closing is only a week away.  The house is vacant.  Inspections have been completed, the loan is approved, everything else is in order.  The buyers moved out of their previous home last week; they are staying in a hotel.  All of their belongings are in a mov...

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