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How much does it cost me for you to do a short sale on my house? In a short sale we charge $595 documentation fee upfront for hard costs that we incur. The reasoning behind the fee is simple. We want you, the seller, to be sure of your financial hardship. We don't want to take on a short sale li...
*Should I accept a short sale offer from an investor? In a short sale, obviously this is up to each individual, but we believe the only real reason to reject an offer is because you know that you will have a tax problem. Again, most sellers who have a short sale qualify as insolvent with the IRS...
Are short sales guaranteed to work? No. Even though short sales are increasing they are still fairly complex, as I have stated. All the criteria MUST be met for a bank to even consider a short sale. It is not easy to convince a bank that the market value of the home is lower than what they are ow...
*Can I short sale my own house? No, this would be illegal. A short sale must be an "arms length" transaction. You cannot short sale your own house nor can close members of your family or friends do one for you either. In a short sale, the lender is agreeing to discount the mortgage amount due to ...
*Who owns the house after a short sale? The purchaser of the house is the owner after a short sale just as in a normal sales transaction. The mortgage lender is paid off and the previous homeowner moves to a different home. *What do I do about my back property taxes when I do a short sale? Just a...
* What is "Financial Hardship" and why is it so important? "Financial Hardship" is a critical part of the short sale equation. No matter what you hear about banks "not in the business of owning real estate", etc., they DO NOT give homeowners a break easily. They require GOOD REASON to give a disc...
If you expect to make money on my short sale, can I get some of it?   Unfortunately, that is not allowed by the lenders. A lender will not allow a seller to profit from a short sale. If they perceive that there is any "excess" money in the transaction, they want it for themselves to offset their ...
Why do I have to sign a Borrower's Authorization? In order to both determine if your lender will consider a short sale and then to actually negotiate the short sale, The Pahua Group needs be able to speak to your lender about the mortgage. The lender will only speak to people you have authorized ...
What if a bank doesn't accept the short sale? Again, if the bank doesn't accept the short sale offer, there is no transaction and the home is still owned by the foreclosing homeowner and the foreclosure process continues.   How long does a short sale take, I need to get out now! A short sale take...
If you are looking to rent a private condo or home in Orange County please visit our rental website to see if there are any properties that meet what you are looking for. Please visit www.PGLeases.comand if you have any questions contact Fred Sed at 949-274-3733, our services are free to all ten...

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