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Exploring the Complexities of Home Inspections and Code ComplianceBy Brian Persons CMIIntroductionHome inspections play a crucial role in assessing the condition of a property before a sale. One common question often raised during these inspections is, "Is that up to code?" On the surface, it app...
As a home inspector with years of experience under my belt, I've come across my fair share of unique situations and unexpected surprises during warranty inspections. However, a recent visit to a new build home for its 11-month warranty inspection left me contemplating a modern dilemma - the chall...
While it may seem tempting for homebuyers to "price shop" for a home inspection by selecting the cheapest option available, it is generally not advisable. Here are a few reasons why: Quality and expertise: Home inspections require a certain level of expertise and experience to identify potential ...
I inspected another new build yesterday, by the same builder that I had found several serious defects on a few homes last month. This time the home was in great condition and had one of the cleanest reports in a long time for a new build by any builder recently. I still won't name names but it wa...
I have been curious about being a real estate broker since I have been working with them daily for nearly 20 years. So I decided to take the courses required for licensure to gain a better understanding of what is involved (168 credit hours required in Colorado). Being involved in the process and...
At the end of the last couple of inspections, I did this week the buyers told me that they had fun and enjoyed the experience (not sarcastically). I thought that was kind of interesting considering how inherently stressful the situation is for the buyer and seller at a crucial point in the transa...
  I have an out-of-state client I did an inspection for last week. They seem to be pretty happy with the inspection I provided for them and sent me a copy of this email they had sent the Realtor.  Dear Realtor, "I just completed a review for Brian in Google and will try to do the same on Zillow. ...
I have a rule for covid especially limiting who is at the inspection, so yesterday the occupant decides to be home and smoke weed throughout and the buyers show up with 9 people including 6 children....people don't read when they sign agreements or care... so frustrating.
I have always known my job is hazardous, climbing ladders, walking roofs, crawling through attics and crawlspaces, mold, gas leaks, Carbon monoxide, meth, feces, asbestos, formaldehyde, and other hazmats. Covid-19 has brought yet another hazard to my job. I wear PPE and do my part to maintain pro...
This was a nice email I received recently, I really enjoyed instructing the Training day classes. It is very gratifying and uplifting to know I was able to positively help others achieve success and that they valued my efforts."Mr. Persons,I never took the opportunity to thank you for teaching a...

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