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Positive thoughts and ideas about real estate and working through and with this changed market. Experience, education, service and results. That will be your win! Life is too short, enjoy yourself, everyday!



While attending the Baltimore, Maryland Turning Point or any of the Turning Points in the next 80 days, wear white if you are participating in the Buffini BLITZ!  That way we will stand out from the others and be able to find eachother easily!  Whoo Hoo!  You know that I will be looking for my Ac...
This is a new year and there are new rules for attending the Buffini Events.  If you are Clubnet, a Referral Systems Client, a 100 Days Student (Current) or a Buffini Certified Mentor, you may now attend the Turning Points, FREE!  It is exclusively for current members of Buffini and Company. It w...
Actually, from today, it is 29 days until spring.  Will it be 29 days until our spring real estate market?  Have you seen signs of this season coming at you, already?  I definitely see more activity than I have seen for months.  More decisions are being made and they are not taking as long to dec...
If real estate is the backbone of our economy, why are the banks holding on to all of our money?  Sure, we know about the subprime mess.  Get over it!  Why are they punishing people who have good credit, jobs, education and downpayment monies?  They say they are afraid of home values falling.  We...
Here's your chance to live on Birch Mountain in Bolton.  This home offers three bedrooms, one bath and is ready to go!  No pets, sorry.  You will need two months security deposit, one month's rent, a one year lease, a credit check, two letters of reference (one from a past landlord, if applicable...
That is the new theme song this year in my coaching program.  Too Funny!  The song is motivating and it has a dance!  Very cool! I can remember "dancing the twist" with Chubby Checker.  Can any of you? Well, we went from "I Feel Good" which really rocked the entire ballroom. To, "The Hustle" wher...
As most of you know, I am a huge fan of SAM's Club.  Especially, in this economy.  Office supplies, books, prescriptions, eye wear and more and offered at huge savings to you. Here's the good news!  For this weekend, January 17th, if you join them as a member, for one year, they are giving you a ...
Are you active in your community?  Visable to your clients and vendors.  Do you attend the local Realtor functions?  These are just some of steps that you can take to solidfy your business.  Stay in consistent contact with your clients.  The newbees, the current and the former clients.  Stop by a...
With all of the new changes that the banks have made to their home loans, be sure to know your product.  For the bankers, it would be the loan product.  Most of them do really well with offering us that information.  Sometimes you have to go through two or three to find that certain product that ...
With all of the talk about your new year's resolutions, have you thought about what you are eating?  Is it healthy?  Will it sustain you for the entire day?  When the weather is warm, we advise eachother to drink plenty of water.  Now, it seems that it is a good idea to do that in all types of we...

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