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Alameda Ca. What property types are available for financing in the Bay Area?  With VA mortgage loans, you are allowed to take out a loan on either the purchase of an existing home or for the construction of a new home. However, VA mortgage loans are for primary residences only; you cannot purchas...
Because of Coast Guard Island we see a lot of military in Alameda, Berkeley, Oakland, and Emeryville.  The funny thing is when it comes to home buying there seems to be a lot of confusion about VA Mortgage Home Loan Financing. A big question real estate agents frequently ask is: "Who is eligible ...
Alameda, CA is a town with a long military history. Since we have lived here, they have been trying to renovate about 1/3 of the main island which was base to the Coast Guard. Just a little history.... originally known as Government Island, this artificial island was formed in 1913 by the dredgin...
    When I talk to home buyers looking for their options in Alameda, Berkeley, and Oakland they often think they have no options for financing. There are basically two types of financing available to the general public in this post credit crisis world. FHA and Conventional.   So what is the diff...

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