WOW ....Colorado has been's a great Naple's warm sunset !!! Gary D For Denver !!!!N Naples Florida Sunset Copywrite Christine OShea All Rights Reserved 2010    
As a Real Estate Professional we need to have a vast knowledge of items pertaining to Real Estate. We need to know how to pre approve a buyer and how to get the buyer closed. We need to know how to price, market and negotiate a favorable transaction for our seller. We also should know the top fiv...
They all may not be Saints,yet the New Orlean Saints will be marching into the superbowl. Early Stats have the Colts as a 5 point Favorite. This will be a good SB game. I'm excited to see the Saints play. Join Louie with their Theme Song below!! Gary d For Denver!!!
This past weekend I was pleased to show homes to a first time buyer. I had set and mapped all the showings, yet they were all over the place. I was a little concerned about my routing. I wanted to concentrate and enjoy the tour. I do realize the great use of a GPS, except my GPS was on the Fritz....
 Don't Procrastinate  a tax windfall of $8,000,or $ windfall of $8,000,or $6500... We who procrastinates, do not profit!!!!  It's amazing to me, why anyone who has the chance to make money...procrastinates. Yet there are many agents, buyer and seller who will....they will snooze and the...
They all may not be Saints,yet the New Orlean Saints will be marching into the superbowl. It was a great game won in over time by the lone Kicker. It was a field goal by Garrett...he is a Saint least in the eyes of New Orleans...Congrats to the Saints !!!! Gary d For Denver!!!
So its late on a Friday night and I'm here waiting on a contract....... The buyer is reviewing, it is another short sale, we can do !! It is kind of funny,I'm the only one here at 7:30 on a Friday night... It reminds me of one of my favorites.. THE SONG "PIANO MAN " and thought.... it could be th...
What is the value of a good name. ???  Being in this biz for many years, a good name is very valuable. There is the value of other agents knowing you  are fair, honest and persistent agent. There is a great amount of value in your community. see above. Finally a good name among your client...see ...
In my many many years of selling Real Estate there are many happy moments. I recall my first contract, and the energy I felt at that moment. I recall the first listing I took (same Client) and how excited I was. I recall the first closing I attended and the sense of accomplishment I felt. I was s...
Today's weather is the perfect to work on short sales. I was reminded by one of my great Title Reps, to work the Short Shorts no matter what the weather is doing. It is not surprising to hear her tell me to work on my short shorts. There are many agents who do not work on their Short Shorts. It i...

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