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This blog is dedicated to the dissemination of information about Real Estate specific contact management and CRM software.
I am trying to establish that a specific kind of technology existed prior to the year 2000. I am looking for documentation of any web based application/software that would allow a user (agent) to monitor (find data accessed, what time of day) which files (pages associated with homes for sale) wer...
  There's a a great trend developing in the CRM industry. They are recognizing that one of our biggest pains is not being good at follow-up. We need someone or something in our face to make sure we get it done, and get it done in an organized and intelligent way. Contactually may have been the fi...
First let me say that I am not trying to sell everyone on Top Producer. My whole business model exists to help people find the CRM that is best for their individual needs. I work with buyers. You work with buyers. You don't care which house a buyer picks as long as it is not a terrible mistake fo...
Synching has always been the way to view your CRM data on your phone. Unfortunately there tend to be inherent problems with it. Sometimes the synch doesn't work well, especially with calendar items. It also doesn't offer any more than the address book and calendar and on occasion some to-do's. A ...
A great product just keeps getting better. You were always able to use one logon for several people, but you had to share everything including the calendar. That's fine for some small teams but not for others. Now you have a choice. Below are features that have been added. For a specially negotia...
"There is a major buzz around the Internet on this one, and with good reason. Although I feel it is my job to counsel agents that they should be using their CRM to truly run many aspects of their business, including transaction management, it often falls on deaf ears. They just don't want somethi...
Teams Version Now AvailableWe’re delighted to announce that the Teams version of IXACT Contact is now available! This new version of IXACT Contact gives agents working in teams the flexibility and control to manage all aspects of their business and marketing, while still being easy enough for ev...
  The Top Ten Must-Haves for a Real Estate CRM Tuesday July 16, 2013 from 5:00pm - 6:00pm EASTERNNeed to double check the session start in your time zone? Check Here! If you don't know what features should be in your CRM, how do know if what you have is the best one for you, or the one you are lo...
People have been asking when my “Trans-Plans” Listing & Closing Plans & E-mails/Letters would be ready for Wise Agent. I’m happy to announce that they are ready! The folks at Wise Agent have been working diligently on it and they are now available. You can see the details or purchase them by clic...
Do you know that if you are sending an e-mail regularly to your Sphere of Influence, but you are not doing it responsibly, you could be doing a great deal of damage to your domain name's e-mail reputation?If you're not following up with your SOI consistently, you're losing money in lost referrals...

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