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This blog is dedicated to the dissemination of information about Real Estate specific contact management and CRM software.
    If you have an assistant, how long did it take to train them? How many hours did you lose in productive listing and selling time? Your production went down did it not? And now if that assistant quits next month you have to start all over again. One way to minimize the time it takes to train a...
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There is usually no shortage of phone calls and questions coming from the client just prior to closing. Two things I always tried to accomplish throughout my transactions was to keep the client informed, and to reduce time consuming/unneccessary phone calls to a minimum by doing so. Following is ...
Can you target market? Not if you don’t keep the right kind of information on your sphere of influence in your database. What if you used categories or some other searchable field in your CRM to store information like hobby, alma mater, favorite kind of food, favorite sport, favorite team, favori...
      Why are Real Estate specific CRMs promoted as opposed to Outlook or other generic CRMs? Is it really worth having one? What real benefits are there? The best way to answer these questions is to see an example of what they can do for you in a real life setting, so let's do that.   We will no...
Different CRMs call them different things. Category, Contact Type, Classification, Group, etc. It is a field that identifies what that person’s relationship is to you. Buyer-Past, Seller-Active, Gold Partner, Title Rep, Mortgage Processor, etc. For you to truly interact with your database in an e...
Just because your CRM’s contact screen has dozens of fields doesn’t mean you need to fill them all. That said, there are certain fields that you should always strive to complete in order to build a core database with actionable information. Rarely will you be able to get all the information at on...
This first part of three is pretty basic, but may help some people. The next two parts are a little more meaty. Adding Contacts to your CRM - Some suggestions when adding contacts. Part One of Three If you have all your contacts on paper, start entering them according to the ideas suggested in th...
Below is their announcement. "The TEAMS Module is still on track for release to production around the end of this month. We are currently planning to launch TEAMS in two phases. Phase 1 will be a “soft launch” to our existing customer base and to prospects who have requested notification when TEA...
One by one Top Producer is filling any holes they had left. One glaring such hole has been the lack of the ability to store documents in the CRM. So what they did was teamed up with DropBox and Google Drive to accomplish that. Now there is a box on the contact screen that looks like this: I've be...

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