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This blog is dedicated to the dissemination of information about Real Estate specific contact management and CRM software.
Rich Levin of Real Estate Grad School will be hosting a webinar where I will be answering questions such as: Are there different CRM's you recommend for different levels of agents? There is no best CRM. There is only the one that is best you, based on your aptitude, current needs and future goals...
Here’s a quick idea someone shared with me long ago, which I incorporated into my Trans-Plans workflows.When you have automated your business with Transaction Management Plans/Workflows/Activity campaigns, it frees you up to be able to service your clients better and faster. One of the things you...
If all you are doing to follow up with prospects and past clients is email drip campaigns, you’re only realizing a portion of your potential income.When I started in real estate sales in 1987, there was no Internet and no email. I had to prospect and follow up with people the good old fashioned w...
Navigability/Ease of Use: You want to be able to quickly navigate from one thing to another in your CRM. This should be true of all of its features but that just can’t always be the case. Some tasks you do frequently, such as entering a contact, searching for a contact, adding a property, or maki...
These are three aspects of evaluating a CRM. You may want to bear these in mind when you are in any software program, and defining what they are may make it easier to do your evaluation.Intuitive or Intuitive Design: Most agents have a fair understanding of what this means. If you are on a screen...
CRM - SAAS vs Desktop InstallationIf you’ve never seen the acronym before, SAAS stands for Software As A System. More commonly people tend to call it Cloud BasCRM SAASed or Web Based. It essentially means that the software and the data are on the CRM’s server instead of your computer. The alterna...
Entering a contact into a CRM takes more time than writing it on paper. There I said it. So that means paper is better right?This is kind of what some agents tend to think. Entering data into a CRM takes longer than writing it in your notebook or scribbling it on a piece of paper. That’s true, by...
Real Estate CRM reviews by other agents or by industry experts can be tricky. It’s best to bear in mind that they are opinions, not facts. One of the larger CRM software sites has an article about the Ten Most Reviewed Real Estate CRMs. It does very well in the search engines so I don’t doubt tha...
I know it sounds trite but I’m really excited about Version 3.0. It has so many advantages over the old one. For the most part on the old site I essentially copied the content from the vendor’s site. That wasn’t much added value for you. Now each CRM has an extensive review with all kinds of info...
Why get one in the first place? Without one, only the very most organized agents are truly organized and not in crisis mode an inordinate amount of the time. But there are plenty of agents who are making a great deal of money either on their own or with teams and have no CRM. No one has to have a...

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