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In my blog yesterday i mentioned the San Diego Zoo and my visit there.  I also promised to show a few of my favorite photos from the zoo.  And here they are:         I really enjoyed the giraffes.  The baby giraffe was extremely cute and was born December 22, so she is not even a month old. I was...
You may not think of Tijuana as a possible city for referrals but it is amazing how many US and Canadian citizens are living here.  The prices here for housing, medical care and pharmaceuticals are dramatically lower than in the US.  The medical care is excellent and it is easy to adapt to this m...
OK, now you have decided that you want to cash in on some of the extra cash available by building your referral business. Lets talk first about what you need to do with a referral and what makes a successful referral.  I don't want to mislead you.  Although I say referral business is easy money, ...
 Friday's Fotos... An Afternoon in Tijuana  -- Sometimes the best way to spend an afternoon is to join some friends and start wandering around your local communiyt.  And it is even more fun if you take a bunch of photos to share here on ActiveRain.   Here are some of the photos from a beautiful F...
"Be better than I was one minute ago," is a statement from a brand new friend.  I planned on a post about referrals but you will have to wait until tomorrow for that one.  One of the things that I love about travel is the opportunity to meet new people and be exposed to their ideas and philosophi...
I concentrate my real estate business in referrals and especially in Latin America.  And although you may never have thought about people buying or selling property in Latin America. you probably will start thinking of people who are potential referrals for buying property. There are several prim...
    $$$ I've taught a lot of classes, coached a lot of agents and worked with relocation companies. And one thing that always amazes me is that most real estate agents miss out on some of the easiest money in real estate. I'm talking about outbound referrals. Most agents only send a few referrals...
  Sometimes life gets hectic and it is easy to drift away from the Rain.  I found that happened to me in 2013.  Lots of changes in my life and now it is time to get going again in the Rain.  I am excited to see that my great friend Lynn B. Friedman posted the 3rd Annual 2014 Big Blog Jumpstart an...

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