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More question...fewer answers. Anyway fewer that people want to hear.I am getting more questions...which means people are thinking about it....The last drop lasted for a few days but headed right back up.  For those that keep on the edge as a rate watcher they could have caught a great rate.Will ...
I just stumbled on some very old post cards.  I am going to scan them and put them up on our local real estate website.  It is amazing what you find when you buy items at an auction.I attend auctions from time to time that are for contents bid and what you get is what you get.  It i...
How many times do people have to be hear information before they actually listen?  There is all kinds of data on our inability to retain information...within 24 hours we only remember 30% of what we heard yesterday!  My wife swears I have selective memory...but the truth is....I am just normal.We...
I was reading blogs and haven't been able to post as often lately.  So I was catching up on some of my favorite Rainers to see what has been going on.It struck me that sometimes people go a week or two and you don't see any posts...sometimes it stretches a bit longer and there they are again.  So...
We can go a long ways on a compliment, especially when it is to your sellers.We know how hard it is to keep a house ready to show.  We know what it takes to get a home ready to sell.  We know we point out all the obvious flaws that buyers will see and ask the seller to have them fixed.We know all...
Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily business an family issues we miss the other "good stuff".  I thought about our area of West Michigan and it really is a prize of nature.  We have rivers for canoes, kayaking and power boating, fishing, swimming and in areas ice fishing, weather permittin...
We have all heard the old cliche' "when you are dealt lemons make lemonade".  It is very hard to sell lenonade when you have a tomato stand.  Many homes have set on the market with seller's wanting to sell following the market prices down, down, down and still nothing.I took over a listing that h...
Sellers do not always understand what the market is saying....Sellers read the newspapers, they see the TV commentary, they notice all the for sale signs and somehow it does not apply to their situation.  Hearing what the market is saying is a very good strategy to help yourself and agent sell.  ...
I love the GPS...but I have to tell you it is not always accurate.  I am one of those direction sensitive people.  I know where I am and what direction I am facing,  But that said, I do not know every address or street in town even after being here over 30 years.What I do know is how to plug an a...
I have found a unique opportunities by wearing emblem or logo clothing with my company Logo.  It helps people do one of two thing....approach and as real estate question or leave me alone.  There is no middle ground.I like the free advertising is does for me.  I initially was a bit self-conscious...

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