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Many people are selling off possessions to raise cash.  Some use traditional advertising while others are turning to the internet as their advertising option. The statistics are stacking over internet advertising and selling items from homes.  It is very easy for criminals to target homeowners wh...
If you listen to the major news channels or your local real estate board you do not always get the real facts.  You might get the daily dose of whatever is being served today as fact.  The underlying foreclosure ghost market is still there. I recently had a discussion with a local real estate bro...
Many families are affected by a loved one with Alzheimer's.  My wife and I enjoy her father and he stays with us one a week overnight.  This is a family disease not an individual disease.  It may take the memories of the individual but it affects the family and friends. His memory betrays him mor...
I am not surprised you didn't recognize the word "Sprummer".  My wife and I haven't ever seen weather like this in Michigan in our lifetime.  Apparently neither has anyone else since we have been breaking temperature records day after day! We decided it must be "Sprummer", spring and summer combi...
How many times have you heard of homeowners returning to a home they lost due to foreclosure to do damage?  If you are the new owner and the former owner shows up what do you do? How many people are forced out of their homes due to foreclosure and leave possessions behind?  If the lender takes ov...
Scams are costing millions and most of the people initiating scams are never punished. Here is one that I know many elderly people will panic and call to get money.  It's a postcard it seems reasonable but in actuality it is designed for one thing and one thing only.  To get a call.  No return ad...
The new proposed effort to help people in mortgage trouble may not be the silver bullet that all the news services are pointing out. Bank of America is hand picking some of their clients that currently have mortgages.  We don't know if the criteria they are using now will be the future method use...
Ok, I text, but usually not driving.  Michigan passed a law against no texting and driving.  It certainly hasn't stopped some drivers.  Yesterday a car zipped by me like I was backing up.  I wasn't in the passing lane of the expressway, doing the speed limit of 70 and they surely were doing 80.  ...
That is exactly what the voice on the phone said this past week.  "Hi, I want a House, I found your name on a website and kept seeing your name on different articles and listings.  I need help I want to buy a home, can you help me get one? He saw my name on Activerain articles, websites and linke...
I finished my master's program!  I could not have been released from jail and be happier.  Don't get me wrong I was the one that signed up for the education.  I wanted to have a more in depth knowledge to help my company, business and clients. Obtaining a Master's Level education isn't exactly li...

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