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Gayle Rogers, The Wizard of Homes, Canton, Ga resident for over 30 years and native Georgian. Full service real estate agent that can save you thousands of dollars when you list with me!
This is a free country and one that I'm so proud to a born ciitizen in. I believe in free speech and all the other amendments to our great constitution but right now I've just about had enough. I am so sick of the so called Hollywood Stars running their mouths on every talk show, awards show and ...
27 gorgeous acres located in Dallas, GA off Hwy 278. Owner financing available with down payment. Level land - wonderful opportunity. Trailers will be removed. $3,375,000  
I am a blessed Real Estate Agent. I have a successful business, even during these hard times that the media won't be quiet about.  My broker asked me if I would co-list with one of our newer agents because she had a lead that she wanted to give to a top agent. I of course said yes, I would be mor...
It's a New Year and I'm seeing a change already. The phone calls are are starting to pour in! The only problem is most of them want to list, not buy! I'm using this time to really enhance my website, work on creative marketing plans and just keep on keeping on. Everyone knows that the market is s...
I receive so many e-mails each day that it's almost getting out of control. People forward me cute things, sweet things, funny things, and dumb things. Sometimes I read them, sometimes I don't.The one that really gets to me is the, "If you don't forward this to 10 friends within 24 hours you won'...
I learned a hard lesson when I first started off in the Real Estate business. This specific company offered you a website and an e-mail address. At first I thought, this is awesome!  I worked on this website, sent out emails consistently to clients, customers and prospects, really built this site...
I've been sitting here tonight working on new listing stuff and realizing that our market really does "suck" but then I started reading the blogs of people in California and how they are helping other people move their belongings, or having to evacuate and I get a reality check. People are losing...
We all get in a slump once in a while because business seems to have come to a standstill.I found myself yesterday getting all excited because of three new listings I just got. Then I started really thinking about it and laughed! Listings are great but not if they just sit there, so now, what to ...
It's amazing sometimes to think that if we take a day off we feel guilty about it! I find myself needing to explain if I just want a day off. I think it came about because of the fact that when a holiday comes around, as an example, Mother's Day, that there always seems to be that one person that...
I have been in the business 6 years and have been blessed and very successful. I just listed an adorable home. Another agent called my seller, upset that she didn't give her a chance at listing and told her that "She had made a huge mistake". First of all, this agent doesn't know me, I don't know...

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