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  Thanksgiving is over and now we're switching our gears toward the Christmas Holiday, going over our list and checking it twice.  Just because Thanksgiving is over, doesn't mean we have to stop being Thankful and showing our gratitude towards others.  Don't get caught up in the rush of the seas...
Did you know that Hair Spray is not only for Hair? Here are a few household tips for the use Hair Spray!   Exterminate Houseflies - An annoying buzzing housefly has been weaving and bobbing around your house for the last two days.  Make it bite the dust with a squirt of hair spray.  Watch the fly...
Wishing everyone a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving! Nothing like being with those you love.  Family & Friends stopping by to have lots of food, fun, and fellowship. Enjoy the moment and most of all the memories! Take lots of pictures, so next year you can share them. Great way to see how fast ...
Are you still renting? You know there are a lot of great advantages of Owning Your Own Home.  Security - Financially and emotionally, owning your own home provides a safe way to provide shelter for yourself, your family, and your money.   Tax Deductions - In most cases, the mortgage interest and ...
We all make mistakes every now and then And we should learn from those mistakes. For the First Time Buyer, here are a few mistakes to avoid When buying your First Home. You're tired of renting or it's now time to move out from your parents home, whatever the case may be, here are just a few mista...
Procrastination isn't the only way to spend your time in less-than-productive ways.  Keep a look out for these types of situations:       Saying "YES" when you really don't have the time.  Many of us, in our efforts to please others, we agree to help with a task that we know we shouldn't have ta...
You must first understand what is Procrastination and why it can really hurt you. Here are a few strategies to help you fight procrastination: Weigh the benefits (to you and others) of completing the task vs the effects of procrastinating. What rewards lie ahead if you get it done? Will this be a...
  Can you define what a real leader is and do you know if you're a good leader or not?   Every leader must have a combination of the following listed items: We must value Excellence. We must make excellence a lifestyle. We must go the extra mile. We must pay attention to detail. We must never se...
Do you find yourself complaining or trying to fix a complaint?  My husband use to tell me, "If you're going to complain, complain to someone who can fix it"  So, this works with problems as well, Are you one to make a problem or are you one to Solve a problem? Well, First you have to ASK the righ...
Some of us have excellent verbal communication skills, but what does your Non-Verbal Communication say about you?   Communication does not depend on the spoken word.  Body language also sends a message.  Study your body language. The following maybe something your showing instead of saying: A li...

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