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Have you heard of the shy boy, Owen and the three-legged dog, Haatchi?  Owen has Schwartz-Jampel syndrome.  He has a rare condition that causes muscles to be permanently tense. He is in constant pain making him afraid to go outside or interact with others outside his family.  Owen relentlessly wo...
  Answer:  There is a huge difference that could be a significant benefit to you.  Being pre-qualified is pretty simple and can be an initial step in your purchase of your first home.  You supply a lendor online or via telephone your income, assets and debt for an evaluation of your financial can...
I loved this blog so much I needed to reblog it.   I just read a post about posts and routines on AR by Thomas J. Nelson, Realtor , you should read it if you haven't. Achieving 1,000,000 or More Active Rain Points  He talks about the points looking like a "show of dedication" and I guess they are...
A"Grants for Grads" will help with a down payment or closing costs for recent graduates in the past 48 months of graduating with their degree; decling to a 0% payback.  Free money to a recent graduate is possible. Having a buyer contact me about wishing to buy her first home by the end of the yea...
A home inspection isn't just about identifying problems with the house and diligence is necessary before suggesting preferred vendors to your clients as an agent. Protect your sellers and help fearful first time or any home buyers by knowing the vendors you suggest. A client was informed her fir...

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