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Mortgage, Credit, Real Estate info, plus details and local info pertaining to New Lenox, the Lincoln-Way Area, Will County, the Greater Chicagoland area, Illinois and Wisconsin



  Helpful Info & Hints for First-Time Homeowners Filing 2012 Taxes        By now, you should have received the end-of-year information you need to file your 2012 taxes.  If you were a new First-Time Home Buyer during 2012, this year will be your first opportunity to claim any tax savings availabl...
  You're Getting Married!  Congratulations! Establish a Lifetime of Good and Sound Financial Habits Together      This Sunday, February 24th, 2013, I will be participating in the  Bridal Show and Expo  being held at The Renaissance Center,  214 No. Ottawa Street, in Joliet, IL.  The hours of this...
  The Questions You Should Ask Your Mortgage Lender in Order to Receive the Best Mortgage Financing for Your Needs      In earlier posts, I have addressed some major issues surrounding mortgages, mortgage processing, and mortgage closings.         In my post,  "WHY Home Buying Transactions Must B...
  Tearing the Heart Out of a Housing Transaction      I heard it again just this weekend.  A home's Appraisal came in nearly 25% below the Sales Price agreed upon ($200,000 - $250,000 range).  The news was tearing the heart out of the Buyer, Seller, and their agents.  Heck, the entire transaction...
  How to Choose Your "Super" Mortgage Lender        One of the questions I see crop-up often on real estate websites such as  Zillow  and  Trulia  comes from  First-time Home Buyers.  It concerns HOW they should go about looking for and choosing the  Mortgage Lender  for their first home's financ...
  WHY Home Buying Transactions Must Begin With Home Buyers Getting Pre-Qualified!        I can write and write all day, but until a potential home buyer truly understands WHY and WHERE their home buying transaction must begin, those words can do little.                  Simply put, until a potent...
  Your Will County & Chicagoland Mortgage Closing:  What You Can Expect            You've gone through Mortgage Pre-Approval ... the Mortgage Application itself ... the verifying of employment(s) and savings accounts ... the documentation needed ... and  Underwriting.  You've complied to every re...
  This is the actual post by Gail Robinson regarding her plea to BofA surrounding her loan modification request and husband's illness.  This post goes hand-in-hand with my re-blog by Kathy Streib.  Please ... re-post the below on your own and place more pressure on BofA to act in a responsible an...
  Upon your reading this post of Kathy Streib's, you will need no further explanation as to why I chose to re-post it. One of our own AR members is in need.  Of our thoughts.  Of our prayers.  Of our concern.  Should you want further information as to any help you can offer, please contact Kathy ...
  Your Preparation and Planning for Buying a Home Needs to Start Well in Advance of Your Viewing of Homes        One of the biggest mistakes I see potential Home Buyers make occurs right at the very beginning of their  home buying transaction.  Time and time again, I see this same mistake being m...

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