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Mortgage, Credit, Real Estate info, plus details and local info pertaining to New Lenox, the Lincoln-Way Area, Will County, the Greater Chicagoland area, Illinois and Wisconsin



  What's YOUR Great American Novel read like? The clues revealed within your Credit Report      We've all heard books referred to as a "great American novel".  Books often mentioned in that vein are "The Great Gatsby", "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn", or "To Kill a Mockingbird" ... each most lik...
  What an Underwriter does NOT want to see when viewing Chicagoland Real Estate Contracts         Recently, I've seen some repetitive scenarios popping-up on my mortgage clients' Sales Contracts, as they pertain to "concessions" and property repairs.  Several of the transactions I've seen have ha...
    How Public Transportation Effects the Value of your Chicagoland Home      In Chicagoland, areas once considered "rural" when my wife and I were growing up, are now thought of as suburbs of the city of Chicago.  Roads that used to see limited traffic are now considered main arteries.      Beca...
  An ALERT regarding current volatile Interest Rates and HOW they can effect your transactions         Last Friday, after an especially volatile couple of days in the market, I sent out an email to my referral agents, brokers, and others regarding what was taking place as it pertained to Interest...
  "Un-Used" Portions of Qualified Loan Amounts"      A while back, I wrote a post entitled,  "I'm Looking for a Few Good ... Questions??"  In that post, I asked for some feedback and suggestions from readers as to what THEY would find beneficial for me to address or explain as it pertains to the ...
  I thought this post written by Active Rain member Jay Markanich, Jay Markanich Real Estate Inspection, LLC out of Bristow, VA  really provided some important information and food for thought.  It also serves as a cautionary flag to those thinking of purchasing (or building) a new construction h...
  Let's Play "Connect the Dots" with your Mortgage!       Questions from Underwriters regarding new accounts, transfers between accounts, and debts pop-up fairly frequently.  Clients don't always seem to "connect the dots"  between the actions they take ... and the possible consequences they may ...
It's important that we, as Americans, know the origins of our Holidays along with their significance.  Debbie Reynolds' ("The Real Debbie Reynolds" ... Prudential PenFed Realty, Clarksville, TN) post regarding National Flag Day - June 14th does just that ...  Enjoy this special day! Gene     How ...
  "Owlie Skywarn Books" help Chicagoland Children Face Severe Weather Fears      Yesterday, much of the Chicagoland area once again came under either a Tornado alert of some kind ... or a Severe Thunderstorm alert.  In fact, they predicted that we might experience a derecho.      It's that time o...
  "Great American Backyard Campout" to be held June 22, 2013 at Hickory Creek Preserve in Will County        On June 22nd, families and friends across America can take part in the "Great American Backyard Campout" sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation.      In  Will County, IL ... the eve...

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