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  If it Walks like a Duck and Quacks like a   Duck ... it isn't always a Duck!                 Condominium ... or Townhome?  Which is it?      This age old question recently reared itself, had me scratching my head, and doing some major homework and clean-up for a couple of weeks.  First, let me ...
  Question is:   What's "Acceptable" and what is "Unacceptable" to an Underwriter?  Part 2 ...                          In  Part 1  of this post, I answered the mortgage Underwriting questions ...      "Why do I have to explain a late payment, the reason for a collection, or the reason for a prio...
    Question is:  What's "Acceptable" and "Unacceptable" to an Underwriter? Part 1 ...      Last week, I wrote a post entitled,  "Hansel and Gretel were the original participants of "Survivor".    In that post I related that pre-planning and preparation were key to Hansel and his sister getting b...
  In Need of Reliable, Quality Plumbing Services in the Chicagoland Region? Contact Russell Marcellis of  Russell's Service Plumbing!            I'm a big fan of being a home owner.  I'm a  mortgage lender,  so my love of home ownership won't come as a big surprise I'm sure.  It's just a natural ...
  I thought this post by  Debbie Reynolds, Prudential PenFed Realty,  so timely .. so very important for all of us to mull over, that I'm re-blogging it today.  Contemplating this very issue awhile ago drove me to change companies.  There were just too many outside influences ... others surroundi...
  Hoping to become a Successful Spring home Seller and Buyer?  Part 2 ...           Part 1  of this post pointed out that being located within a cold weather climate does not need to be a liability to those home owners hoping to list and sell their home this coming Spring.  There are many things ...
       Hoping to become a successful Spring  home Seller and Buyer?   Part 1 ...             In Chicagoland, as in other colder climate regions of the US, the next few months most likely mean cold weather.  Blistering winds.  Snow.  Ice.               Brrrrr ...       Does the thought of that hav...

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