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Mortgage and Lending - NMLS #216987, IL Lic. 031.0006220, WI Licensed. APMC NMLS #175656 - IL Lic 031.0006220/WI
Mortgage, Credit, Real Estate info, plus details and local info pertaining to New Lenox, the Lincoln-Way Area, Will County, the Greater Chicagoland area, Illinois and Wisconsin
  Be a "Daydream Believer" ... Buy a Chicagoland Home  Do you dream of owning a home?If so, you're not alone.  Home ownership has been an integral part of the "American Dream" ... some say the defining portion ... for a long long time.  The term "American Dream" was first coined by historian Jame...
 The Gift of Knowledge: Best. Graduation. Gift. Ever. My goddaughter, Katie, is graduating from high school this week.  She's just one of the approximately 3.3 million graduates graduating from U.S. public and private high schools this year. We'll be celebrating Katie's accomplishment(s), as well...
 EMBRACE and LOVE Mortgage and Home Buying Education During a recent face-to-face mortgage application with first-time home buyers, it soon became abundantly clear to me that ... The couple simply Had. No. Clue.  As we talked together further,this also became obvious ... Beyond the time we'd spen...
 Quick Fix Credit Repair = A Myth While preparing for this article, I ran a simple Google search using the term "quick fix credit repair".  The result was remarkable.  Over 558,000 articles and references popped up in just seconds.You'd think with all the tips, info, and guidance available at the...
 Fannie Mae Simplifies Guidelines for Student Loan Debt   It's been a long time coming, but Borrowers that hold Student Loan Debt may have finally caught a break ... Made effective on April 25, 2017, Fannie Mae gave Mortgage Lenders a much more definitive process with which to calculate Student L...
With Golf and Mortgages: It's Important to Know the RulesThere are a LOT of rules in golf ...  That fact has drawn increasing attention as of late.  But truth is, golf rules have always provided controversy and remained in the forefront of gold tournaments over the years.  Just ask these pros:  L...
 Rent VS Buy: Which is RIGHT for You?   Rent VS Buy ... which is better?Seems everyone has an opinion on this debate.  Pro and Con.  But truth is, no one but the person(s) considering this question has the "right" answer.  Or at least what's the "right" answer for them.It's also true:  Facts, emo...
 Thinking of "Flipping" a Chicagoland Home?   "Flipping" shows are increasingly popular on TV these days ..."Flip or Flop", "Masters of Flip", "Flip this House" represent just a small sampling of the shows currently on air featuring the buying, renovating and selling of homes within a short timef...
 "Need to Knows" When Buying New Lenox - Chicagoland New Construction  With so many housing markets across the country experiencing a severe shortage of existing homes for sale ... in growing numbers, new construction homes are garnering serious consideration from home buyers ... There are a vari...
 Mortgage Applicants and Uber Drivers:A Boss and in the Driver's Seat As a Mortgage Originator, my ultimate goal in each transaction is exactly the same as my clients':  A successfully completed mortgage transaction and Closing.  But neither I or my client(s), should settle for just "getting it d...

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