Continuing to brainstorm on solutions to expedite the recovery of the housing market, the govt. could revise its rules governing early withdrawls from 401Ks and IRAs to allow people to withdraw up to $50,000 without penalty and without any income taxes for the exclusive purposes of saving their p...
Here are a few of my ideas.  The govt. could make a bid to buy foreclosed properties at 60% of the amount of the 1st mortgage with the contingency that the Bank that owns the property has 60 days to accept and close on the govt.s offer or a higher offer. After 60 days the govt.'s offer expires an...
The 700 billion dollar allocation to address the liquidity crisis of the financial markets is only a beginning and it doesn't address the crisis homeowners are experiencing, the dramatic loss of income for the small businesses whose livelihoods depend on a stable housing market like realtors, con...

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