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Did you ever notice when most Real Estate Agents write a Blog Post it is jam packed with graphs, charts, jargon, statistics, blah blah blah.......sorry I started to doze off. Like you I often leave these sites wondering what does it all mean! My mission is to decipher and present what's happening in Real Estate and how it affects YOU. Whether, you are buying, selling, building or investing you'll be able to makes sense of the issues that affect your decisions. You can always depend on me to lay it out there in plain English.
10 More Fun Things To Do In Portland As Summer winds down, My mind wanders to all the stuff on my "Summer Bucket List" I want to do and see in Portland and nearby communities. Although Portland, Maine offers four season fun, here's a few options that are made better with our awesome stretch of we...
Affordable Lake Living: Lake Arrowhead Community Waterboro and Limerick, Maine Once touted as the fasted growing community in Maine, Waterboro was host to one of Maine's community success stories. At the base of this sleepy little communities growth is an abundance of natural beauty, lakes, trees...
FSBO 911: 5 Things You Need To Know Are you considering selling your home. Then no doubt many of you have considered attempting For Sale By Owner. FSBO (For Sale By Owner) Sellers have many great reasons to under take the sale of their own home. Whatever the myriad of reasons are one stands out h...
Growth Mindset v. Fixed Mindset I have an ongoing debate with one of my friends: I believe that most people are born with certain talents. An innate ability. That's not to say that skills can't be developed or honed over time. My friend however, believes the exact opposite. Anyone can accomplish ...
August Book Review  EntreLeadership:20 Years of Practical Business Wisdom by Dave Ramsey For those of you unfamiliar with Dave Ramsey, He has built an empire in the communications industry: Best Selling Author, Nationally Syndicated Radio Host and Financial guru to millions of loyal practitioners...
Landscaping and Gardening Trends: Adding Value to Your Home, Enjoyment and Life Underneath all is the land... This is the fundamental concept behind the concept of owning real estate. Your own piece of earth. Of course this right has changed over the centuries but one basic concept has never waiv...
12 Fun Things To Do in Portland, Maine Portland, Maine is a beautiful and wonderful place. I am lucky to work here and call Portland, Maine home. Guests and visitors to Maine, are often inundated with exciting and often expensive activities found in brochures, guidebooks and travel shows. All tho...
Being Presidential In Your Business: Characteristics of Leadership I'm not going to get Political! Whatever your views put it aside. Regardless of your political leanings, something I think we can all agree on is what makes someone Presidential. I would venture to guess that if the forefathers of...
As the Listing Specialist of our Real Estate Team, I spend a good chunk of time communicating with past clients, new clients and potential clients who wish to sell their home. When it comes to the Sellers Disclosure I never waiver when I discuss this important document. I've had sellers "ask" me ...
Meditation (noun)   via Merriam Webster Dictionary Private religious devotion or mental exercise, in which techniques of concentration and contemplation are used to reach a heightened level of spiritual awareness. The practice has existed in all religions since ancient times. If you knew

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