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Did you ever notice when most Real Estate Agents write a Blog Post it is jam packed with graphs, charts, jargon, statistics, blah blah blah.......sorry I started to doze off. Like you I often leave these sites wondering what does it all mean! My mission is to decipher and present what's happening in Real Estate and how it affects YOU. Whether, you are buying, selling, building or investing you'll be able to makes sense of the issues that affect your decisions. You can always depend on me to lay it out there in plain English.
Vacationland...Did you know that's what they call Maine. It's on our license plates but more importantly, it is indelibly etched in our psyche!  Mainers approach life with a certain gusto and appreciation for the natural beauty that surrounds us everywhere, a friendly demeanor ( you'll know what...
The Mental Diet- You Are What You Eat! You are what you eat! I would contend that more are what you think! Garbage In ...garbage out. That started as a computer programming analogy, it quickly became co-opted by nutrition and fitness gurus extolling the virtues of eating proper...
  What Can 150k Purchase in Portland, Maine? Click Here!   Portland, Maine has been called one of the biggest small towns. Visitors and residents alike are treated to a Cosmopolitan city withal the charm and convenience of a small coastal town. Great Restaurants, museums, shopping and nightlife ...
  The Kando Group It's Friday Afternoon...The weather is perfect...finally. Here's a gallery of some of the Wonderful Sites and Sights in Maine. Click on the Pics to learn more or just kick back and enjoy the view. Have a Great Weekend!  
07/12/2013   There is a lot of confusion out there right now for both buyers and sellers. Buyers for the most part have been afraid to commit to the process, worried about purchasing before the market hits the bottom. The problem with that is: "How do you know where the bottom i...
07/10/2013   Today you are in for a real treat. Our Community Spotlight today is Scarborough, Maine! Whether you are looking for a great place to live, visit on vacation or just check out all this fabulous town has to offer, you'll be amazed at all that Scarborough has to offer. ...
The Affordabilty Index and You At this point in our discussion is where the grainy footage from a seventy's high school education film should be rolling. Actually, the following explanation is rather good and clear cut. Take a peek and I'll meet you on the other side to let you know why this is ...
How to Buy and Sell a Home at the Same Time.   This subject has been coming up more frequently as the market improves and heats up. Basically people are afraid that their lives and their families lives will be turned upside down if all the cards don't line up perfectly...smooth transition...ever...
  Maine...The Way Life Should Be. Our State slogan really makes a big claim. I came to Maine for college and never left. I found and I'm sure you will agree the people, natural beauty and lifestyle to be too great of an asset to even think of leaving. If you love the'll love Maine! ...
  Attention First Time Home Buyers and Investors! As we have been hearing in the news the Real Estate Market has greatly improved since the doldrums of the recession. Prices are starting to rise and interest rates are ticking upwards ever so slowly. All hope is not lost. There are still some fab...

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