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3 Bedroom Home For Sale with 450 Feet of Lakeshore and 3+ Acres in Minnetonka, Minnesota So peaceful, it's hard to believe this 3 Bedroom Home for sale in Minnetonka, Minnesota is only minutes away from downtown Minneapolis. This 3 bedroom home for sale offers 450 feet of lakeshore. That's almost...
3 Bedroom Home For Sale in Chisago City, Minnesota, on the Water with almost 5 Acres of Land! Have a vacation at home every day! This 3 bedroom home for sale in Chisago City, Minnesota offers so much. Outside, you get almost 5 acres of land plus the opportunity to live on the water. This home als...
I keep coming back to the stock market and our involvement with it even as small scale investors contributing what we can to our 401k's and IRA's. I'm thinking about this in relation to the investment of buying a home. For many, many years, almost all people would agree that home ownership was pa...
Home Sales in Stillwater Minnesota November 2010 - What Slowdown? The latest home sales monthly numbers just came out for Stillwater Minnesota and I'm happily surprised. Let's look at these home sales numbers: At 26 homes sold, monthly sales were just two less than last year, which was the last m...
What goes through someone's head who: A) Lives outside this Metro Area and therefore can't manage contractors B) Knows next to nothing about what is needed to adequately rehab a home C) Thinks it's a good idea to put in just enough rehab for the home to sell to an owner occupant but not enough to...
Buy a Home Now and Save Money or Wait and Save Money??? You may be thinking, "That can't be!" and you know what? You're exactly right. If you're one of the majority of people who need a mortgage to buy a home, you can't save money by waiting. It's as simple as that. If the market was in a tail sp...
5 Bedroom Luxury Home for Sale in Eagan, Minnesota When it comes the details, this 5 bedroom luxury home for sale in Eagan, Minnesota really does have it all! 4808 Sycamore Court, Eagan, Minnesota 55123. MLS #: 3978333 - For more information go to and click on Featured Properti...
Someone asked me why I chose to be a Realtor? They were also bold enough to ask me if I ever felt bad that lots of people think Realtors aren't very nice people. Here's what I said: "Well, I guess like other professions that have an image problem in the public eye, the bad apples create the minds...
Twin Cities Economy, Real Estate, and Short Sales   There's a lot of bad news circulating out there right now. The reality is, this economy is the new normal for the Twin Cities and the entire country... for now. Acceptance of that doesn’t mean we give up on the future, mourn our retirement funds...
Stillwater Minnesota 3 Bedroom Home For Sale This historic Stillwater 3 bedroom home was built in 1874 but personally I think it was designed by a very forward thinking individual. 909 5th Street S, Stillwater, Minnesota 55082 MLS #: 3973087 For more info go to and click on fea...

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