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You can keep your home in top shape with simple tasks throughout the year. This month, be sure to: Check all decks, patios, porches, stairs and railings for loose members and deterioration. Check plumbing shut-off valves. Ensure that they turn off and on freely. Service your kitchen disposal by g...
I am sitting in my office this morning thinking about a trip my daughter and I took on spring break this year.  It was just me and my baby girl.  We spent a week in one of my favorite places on earth, Perdido Key, FL.  Perdido Key is a small community between Pensacola and Orange Beach, Alabama. ...
  The End Game Selling Your Home – Be a Great Retailer!     When it is time to sell your home – it doesn’t matter how long you’ve owned your home; you have to forget about the sentimental and emotional attachment and keep in mind that your home is merely an item that’s up for sale. And when sell...
   I saw this list this morning and realized I do some of these things but not all.  Some days I feel like I get NOTHING done.  I get distracted and look up and it is 3:00 in the afternoon.  Being a real estate agent is different from when I was in the corporate world.  My daily schedule was dict...
One I my greatest pleasures is seating in a dark movie theater with my husband, enjoying a big bag of popcorn and watching a movie.  Dan and I go to the movies at least three to four times a month depending on the movies that are out.  We have been married 39 years so that adds up to a lot of mov...
You can keep your home in top shape with simple tasks throughout the year. This month, be sure to:  Take a look at your lawn mower and give it a quick tune up. You'll be needing it soon enough! Examine the exterior foundation grading/slope and ensure water moves away from your home. If water is c...
Great advice for sellers! As a Home Stager it's my job to make homes appear more visually and emotionally appealing to buyers. Usually that involves suggesting new paint colors, rearranging the furniture, giving advice on what stays and what goes....whatever it takes to make the home stand out fr...
        I read a post in Facebook this morning from my sister, Connie.  The following is her words:Connie Jean Maynard"Just watched Nova, First Man on the Moon. It was about Neil Armstrong and the space program. I have very vivid memories of sitting in front of our small black and white tv watchi...


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