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Anderson County Courthouse Palestine, TX   The Anderson County Courthouse is an historic courthouse located in Palestine, Anderson County, Texas. The Beaux-Arts style building was built atop the highest hill in Palestine. Austin architects Charles Henry Page and Louis Charles Page designed the st...
Last night I attended my monthly meeting of the Preston Trail chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).  I meet with a wonderful group of ladies in Pottsboro, Texas.  We always begin our meeting with a prayer, reciting of the pledge of allegiance and the Texas pledge.  We sing th...
 Today, January 21st is National Hug Day!  I have to say "I am a hugger"!!!  When it comes to hugging I don't mind taking time out of my day to properly celebrate this holiday.  Hugs make us feel happy.  Whether you hug a family member or a stranger the benefits are the same.  According to scient...
 I watched  a movie the other day with Robert Duvall where he told a story about a man with little material things but what the man looked forward to every week.  It got me thinking about what I look forward to and how often I am looking back at things in the past.  Often I catch myself saying "I...
 It's Monday morning.  I am lying in bed around 6:30 am listening to the sounds of my husband getting ready for work.  I hear the electric toothbrush hum as he lets the shower warm up.  I hear the shower door close and the grunts and funny noises he makes when he is in the shower.  I lay here tha...
Today is Friday!!!  I was discussing what to write about today with my husband last night over dinner.  I wanted to write about something fun.   I asked him what he considered to be a fun day.  He told me his fun day would start with his wife making him pancakes for breakfast and then seeing wher...


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