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So Far So Good --  A Contribution Versus a  Commitment  When I was about ten years old my father told me the story about a man that was falling off a twenty story building.  Each time he passed a window on the way down, he haplessly exclaimed, "So far so Good!". When he landed at the bottom, a co...
Who was our Skookum Jim? In 1898 President McKinley declared war on Spain (remember - "Remember the Maine"?); My Grandfather arrived in New York from Prague (Hello Elis Island); and Skookum Jim discovered gold in the Yukon.  Skookum Jim was an Indian guide now credited with making the first Gold ...
  Trudy and Herb Hemple had a large four bedroom house on a cul-de-sac, tastefully decorated, complete with a two car garage, a fenced back yard and a porch swing. They listed their house with a Realtor and were anxious about selling it as soon as possible. You see, they had their eye on a small ...
  A BUCKET OR A BLADDER?    The Three Elements of Capital for Buying Real Estate - A Bucket or a Bladder?               I am taking a continuing education course for my broker's license.  During a discussion of what it takes to invest in real estate, the topic turned to raising capital. As you al...
Land; What it is Good For?   Today I want to focus on a trend.  This trend has been evident to me since I have been in business, mostly in the manufacturing sector.  In the business of real estate we have deviated from this trend in the United States in a major way a few times over the past 90 y...
Perspectives in Real Estate; "And the Good News is...." Commentary by Gregg Fous   Oh how short our memories are; or how young we are:  Back in the 1980's almost every major bank in the US  was in big trouble and would have had to file for bankruptcy had not the government given them time to writ...

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