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Why You SHOULD Care about the School System Even When Moving WITHOUT KIDS Its not uncommon for buyers moving without kids to not worry about the school system but the reality is that there are reasons why you should care about the school system even when moving without kids. For starters, are kid...
Homes for Sale in Fairfield New Jersey under $400,000 If you are looking to buy a home for sale in Fairfield New Jersey under $400,000, there are currently 13 homes for sale in Fairfield priced between $300,000 and $400,000. See Homes for sale in Fairfield, New Jersey under $300,000.  Disclosure:...
Homes for Sale in Fairfield New Jersey under $300,000 If you are looking to buy a home for sale in Fairfield New Jersey under $300,000, there are currently 8 homes for sale in Fairfield priced under $300,000.    FIVE out of the eight homes for sale in Fairfield, New Jersey under $300,000 are shor...
Calling ALL DOGS AND CATS THAT LIVE IN FAIRFIELD, NEW JERSEY its time to renew your license with the Township of Fairfield beginning on January 3, 2012.  All dogs and cats that live in Fairfield New Jersey that are currently licensced should be receiving a renewal slip in the mail. If your dog or...
Do agents realize that they are "steering" buyers away from short sales? Repeatedly I read posts online and have had conversations with buyers where they say, "My agent said to stay away from short sales" or "my agent won't show me any short sales".  As a real estate agent I list and sell residen...
Keeping Food Safe During and After Hurricane Irene Fairfield, New Jersey is expecting Hurricane Irene to hit at some point between Saturday night and Sunday.  The hurricane force winds and heavy rain may cause power outages and flooding in our area.  Power outages and flooding can contaminate foo...
Best Towns in Essex County 2011 Essex County New Jersey is compiled of 22 towns, has a population of approximately 784,000 and offers a combination of friendly neighborhoods, great schools, beautiful parks and a plethora of cultural activities.  So with 22 towns in Essex County to choose from, wh...
Mother/Daughter Homes for Sale in Fairfield, New Jersey There are a handful of homes for sale in Fairfield, New Jersey that offer the convenience of a multigenerational household  -  often referred to as a mother/daughter home or home with in-law suite.  Mother/daughter homes for sale in Fairfiel...
The Fairfield New Jersey Public School District will open its doors to students, old and new, on Tuesday September 6, 2011!  For those new to the Fairfield Public School System, there are two public schools (1 for K-3 and 1 for 4-6), a full day kindergarten program, bus transportation, before and...
After last week's heat wave and record breaking temperature of 108 in Newark, New Jersey, you can beat the heat by moving to a West Essex Community with a town pool!   West Essex is comprised of eight amazing Essex County towns and as the mercury rises, the coolest place to be without a doubt is ...

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