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10,000 square feet of land, situated in an area with large beautiful homes. Just a short distance to the water, this site offers views and a quiet passive location. Why drive to Tottenville, when you can live in this prestigious location.  John J. PicciurroV.I.P. Real Estate, Inc.Licensed Associ...
Cash for clunkers, bailouts, billions of dollars paid out for all the things the Government says will bring about a faster and more stabilized recovery, not to mention the money for health care debate.I agree, that all this is important at some level, but what happened to the home ownership issue...
Well the stimulus bill has been signed by President Obama, and the stock market continues to watch the pot to see if the water is boiling high enough to throw some money into the pot.  Since the signing however, the stock market is still looking at the pot, and the only thing boiling over is the ...
I imagine that by now you have heard enough talk about the economy going to hell in a hand basket, and the last thing you wanted to get was another lecture from a Realtor. Well, I don't blame you one bit! Who hasn't heard that the real estate market has softened a lot? What really matters though,...
There was a time when selling bank owned property was a hobby to many Realtors. Almost all Realtors sold resale homes with owner occupied status. Bank property was usually a run down property with rat poison signs around the yard. But that has changed now. At our office meetings we are now holdin...
I imagine that by now you have finally had enough of the talk about the economy going to hell in a hand basket. Well, I don't blame you one bit!I don't think there's a homeowner who hasn't heard that the real estate market has softened. What really matters though, is where and how much. Furthermo...
As we all sit here waiting for the Congress to finish their bail out bill, I wonder what it means to us Realtors. I listened to all the media asking who caused this problem. The list is long and distinguished, with Realtors at the top of the list in the beginning. Remember, we referred buyers to ...
After debating the sub prime mortgage mess for some months now, I firmly believe that Realtors are going to bear the brunt of the blame. Why, because Realtors are an easy target, and not directly connected to the money trail that is created when a mortgage application is created. Underwriters, ap...
As a Sales Manager of a Real estate company, I know how important it is to have your listing noticed in the marketplace. Realtors have a really good tool to use. Virtual Tours offer up a window of opportunity for to the seller, the buyer and also the Realtor. Video, stills or even the fish eye ca...
Well here goes another new year in the real estate business. In my backyard of Staten Island things look pretty good, although our local newspaper predicts doom and gloom. That's the problem with national statistics, they become local statistics real fast, even though local sales are doing better...

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