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In this blog, you will find words that help you remain positive and get you through those rough days when everyone tells you NO!
I got this an email from a friend today and we all being in sales have had Managers and leaders that wanted us to give 101+ percent of us...I have always scratched my head when I heard that wondering how in the heck could one give more than 100%...I guess I got the answer today!  thanks willie!Th...
Top 10 Traits of a Successful Loan Officer! I Will Do the Things Below to Become a Successful Loan Officer! 1.  Have a game plan! Review your pipeline and know what you need to do today.  Do I need 4 apps, 2 appraisals or 2 more closed loans by the end of the week?  Plan out your day, week and mo...
Just a little insight for the real estate people here...please inform you customers that reserves and tradelines are really becoming a big key into getting a mortgage these days...they are very important so inform you customers before you have them call me!!!  If they don't have them, I got some ...
If you know me..then you know I always have this smile on my face or one just like it!  I smile when I should be crying, like when I lose a deal, that I knew should have been approved!  I smile in the midst of this subprime meltdown, because it wasn't the end of the world and some of those custom...
Since January of 2007 I have been reading some parts of this book...I am really fascinated about this book...The Secret has put so many things in prospective for me...I have been living my life for the most part pretty good, but I also had many questions and believe it or not, my questions were a...

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