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Well, for San Luis Obispo, having homes sold for cheap is unheard of. Some of you might still exclaim that those homes sold are not cheap. Well of 157 single family homes sold in the last 6 months in slo, the lowest price home sold for $220,000. Now this is a 3 bed 1 bath home on San Carlos. How ...
Is it realy worth taking a listing and have it priced to sit instead of priced to sell. Or for that matter, to price it well and then not make the necessary adjustments to sell. Thus, priced to sit again. I know everyone has a view for this. Like, take the listing and al least get clients off the...
I think for any agent in the business for any length of time, knows what Laura says is true. Just her blog is enought to give a little needed push to challenge my self Laura Duggan   No one said being a Real Estate Agent was easy.  But with planning and common business sense, surviving is...
Finally, it only took us 9 months for us to get through the short sale process with my clients. Lucky for them, they stayed patient, 9 months worth and saved a mere $60,000 because of the lengthy short sale process. The price of the home had fallen that much in that time span. Not that they did n...
Well, I am just having a blast with my short sales with acceptance now. On one of them, gmac is requiring affidavits signed by a notary declaring no flipping for profit. And an arms length avidavit stating no relationship between seller and buyer. I only had this property in escrow three other ti...
A lot has to do with who you talk to on whether you should avoid a foreclosure. Of course, myself being a realtor, I would say avoid foreclosure if possible.  But, I do not think it is always so straight forward. So, I am not saying to forego the foreclosure process at all cost. Let's see if you ...
Thinking about today and wondering what would be of interest to you. What do you think about the president going on vacation. Should such a thing be done in these trying times of ours. The part I find fascinating is they make it sound like an atrocity. Is it such a horrendous act for him to do su...
It is amazing how gorgeous a place we live here in San Luis Obispo county. A buddy and I went hiking up a mountain in Shell Beach. Overlooking the great blue Pacific and looking down on multi million dollar homes. Oh my gosh. So much to be thankful for.

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