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I'm just in the process of reading a book, Total Engagement: Using Games and Virtual Worlds to Change the Way People Work and Businesses Compete... I'm reading it one because eXp Realty actually operates its Corporate Office with all staff, brokers and agents checking in throughout the business ...
I just finished reading an interesting article on the front page of Talking about how Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt during the election season impacts Consumer Spending.  First, there are definitely changes that have taken place in the economy due to the downsizing ...
I recently got back into lead generation mode.  Different then before I'm prospecting for agents / brokers for my company, eXp Realty, however the current process has lead me back to some things that I inherently know about lead conversion and am now executing against. The two initial secrets to ...
A little over a year ago I wrote a blog post on Real Future CRM vs Top Producer.  BTW: I really like RealFutureCRM and our Company eXp Realty actually provides every agent with a full version of Real Future CRM however one of the CRM's that I posted a follow-up comment on was Heap CRM which you c...
In running a Immersive Real Estate Company our hiring process is a bit different then the typical bricks and mortar firm in that in some cases there may be agents who when they join we haven't met in person.  This can prove tricky since we are having to make a judgement of how these agents will r...
Change?  It's Constant Right...  The Only Constant...  If Change is always Constant do we actually notice it? I ask this based on a comment I read on another ActiveRain Post from a prominent author who said "Many companies have claimed that they will change the face of real estate... ...and very ...
On Tuesday November 17 Jim Cronin @ hosted the first ever VirtualREBarCamp.  Being that we (collective we), eXp Realty run an Immersive Real Estate Company a Virtual REBarCamp really resonated with my and our company in general so we jumped in as a sponsor, a presente...
So I've been thinking about the Green Real Estate Revolution that will be happening in earnest in the not to distant future and I'm thinking about automobiles.  Part of this is predicated on the fact that my Chrysler 300C is now worth more then I owe on it and that it doesn't really make the stat...
On November 17th, I’ll be presenting at the first ever Virtual REBarCamp, “The Real Estate Office of the Future” and there will be a number of ideas that I will be going over some of which I’ll be blogging about here and on Facebook and on ActiveRain while some content I’ll be reserving for the ...
Over the last few days I've blogged on our eXp Realty Corporate site on the subject of Bricks and Mortar.  The first Article is "The Relevance and Future Demise of Bricks and Mortar" and the second one is "eXp Realty and Being a Green Real Estate Firm". I blogged the second on based on some ideas...

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