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Mark Milke wrote this excellent article for the Edmonton Sun. If you are unhappy with the economic boom in Alberta now, then perhaps 1988's statistics will help you see the light -  9.7% unemployment and 18% interest rates. Seems unbelievable doesn't it? "So let's keep present problems in perspec...
 Edmonton, Alberta: How Do You Heat Your Igloo? (Todd Millar) I replied in a lighthearted way that spending my money on sunsets and sandy beaches is what I do when I'm on holiday, not when I plan and weigh out an investment option. Sunsets sizzle, and when we imagine the lifestyle associated with...
Canada is getting a lot of first prizes among the G8 countries.  We rank first in quality of life, have the lowest cost of living, and the lowest unemployment rate.  Canada has diverse resource driven economy that, less than a decade ago saw significant proportions of all exports heading for our...
 A Japanese friend I spoke to the other day was disgruntled because the price of soy sauce is increasing. It's all because we are trying to reduce consumption of fossil fuels .    Interest in using food crops (ethanol is derived from sugar beets, wheat, corn or sugarcane) to produce alternative f...
A rental property has to have a lot of things going for it to ensure it puts money in your pocket. Nice location, above average amenities, sturdy construction, neutral yet stylish design and the list goes on. However, none of this will mean much if your property is overpriced.  The "put the For ...
  “It’s Time To Cut Through The Hype and Opinions That Surround The Canadian Real Estate Market and Get To The Truth” Don R. Campbell, Author of Real Estate Investing in Canada.   Rookie & Veteran Investors Have Purchased over $2,292,700,000 (Billion) of Canadian Positive Cash Flow Real Estate Us...
RBC's latest provincial forecasts: "Alberta leads all provinces with above-average economic growth, followed by Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia. On the opposite end of the scale, and showing a complete turnabout with its mega-projects now in maturation, Newfoundland and Labrador is posting the slowe...
 Ask any Realtor and they'll tell you that winter is a time to prepare for the next year. Plant the seeds on the sales they plan to make in the spring because real estate comes to a near grinding halt over the winter months. But not this year. Royal Lepage Real Estate Services reports that the la...
I am a contributing writer for Nu Wire investor.  I have a new article out on The Fundamentals of Real Estate investing. This site has such good information for a variety of interests (I am not just saying that because i write for them) take a look at Nu Wire Investor or to directly view my artic...
We just got back from 19 days in  Vietnam with a quick excursion into Cambodia. It was a great trip with lots of surprises and delights, beautiful sunsets spent on white sand beaches and excellent food. Anyone planning to go should visit Ha Long Bay for the incredible caves and kayaking also don'...

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