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Focused on the Alberta oil sands we help investors from all over the word invest in the biggest economic boom of our time.



Recent news of the oil sands generally focuses on current per barrel prices or whether or not the U.S will buy into Canada's vast oil wealth. Unfortunately the oil sands rich and varied past is often neglected.The history of the sands is a surprisingly thrilling read that one woman has spent over...
A major oil sands player, Imperial Oil, is looking to invest in a C$8 billion Kearl oil sands venture in northern Alberta. With a long term view the company hopes to profit from the tightening credit conditions and take advantage of freed labour and resources.Just goes to show that the long term ...
How is the recession affecting you? Do you even notice that there is a recession or has your business been flummoxed? Do you find this is the time to tighten your belt or have you been expanding due to lowering prices and cheaper labour? Are you practicing frugality- if so how? Anything this extr...
Although the rest of Canada's real estate markets may still be seeing a slowdown this year. Edmonton is starting to pick up. Specific property types will see a jump in sales this year as new buyers enter the market. Edmonton still is number 1 -"The results are in and Edmonton was named the number...
I'm blogging a blog today. This is from the 4 hour Work Week blog by Tim FerrissThis Video will make you feel like some of your "To Do" list stress is really laughable. It is so inspirational I realized (again - I often forget) there is a lot to be thankful for in the simplest things.
Wherever your real estate investment is located—provided you bought it at the right price and terms—there are many ways to keep your property profitable. If you analyze your real estate, update and improve your investment team, review your long- and short-term investment plans and stay focused on...
Obama: Invest in Canadian Oilsands or Be Held Hostage - "Russia bullies its European energy customers; Saudi Arabia, Iran and others export terrorism; Nigeria is unstable and Venezuela's Hugo Chavez spews hate. This means there is little choice for the U.S. and the world, but to embrace, and poss...
This video leaves me saying "and so what??" Seems fairly inconclusive and not very informative to say the least. Of course there is a lot of speculation in the market (can be seen in any market). I think it's naive to think that oil trading at $40/barrel is the true market value. Basically the pe...
Robert Kiyosaki sometimes writes for Yahoo! Finance. His articles are insightful and this week's couldn't have been more bang on.Taking advice in this economy that equates to doing the same thing you have always done will get you worse than the same results. It could lead to a very uncomfortable ...
I love BBC radio with the new iplayer there are hundreds of interesting, entertaining and enlightening programs in one easily accessible location. They have excellent financial programs the link today is to a 1 hour show with great advice on how to avoid or deal with the credit crunch. My favorit...