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A really interesting BBC broadcast on the changing 'typical America'."Stephen Smith finds out how the city of Muncie in Indiana reflects the impact of the economic crisis on the American middle class.In 1929, the Rockefeller Institute published Middletown: A Study in Modern American Culture, a sc...
The week before Golden Week is always so busy. The sentiment is do everything possible before the holiday so you can relax, with a settled mind.I've called banks, written articles, tweeted, blogged (not so much) calculated, estimated and networked. I can see why Golden Week is called Golden! It w...
I spent the morning contacting banks to see if our mortgages are eligible for the skip-a-mortgage program. Some banks offer it as a new service to customers while others see it as a privilege that must be carefully reviewed and only granted in financial straights.As a investor it's crucial to alw...
If now isn't the time to buy real estate I don't know when is. One of my variable mortgages is down to 1.9%. We've also heard of a colleague getting 3.5% on a commercial loan. The Bank of Canada has indicated that rates will stay this low until the first or second quarter of 2010.We've got soft p...
I know some people who have enough rubbish in their car to fuel any roadtrip. I find it hard to believe that there are opponents to this, I mean what could be more perfect burning trash for clean energy. When will people be satisfied?
Ontario investors saw their 150-year-old investment property trashed by unscrupulous tenants. Animal carcasses, toilets rigged to run continuously, a mountain of garbage and an incredible mess are the legacy left behind. Unfortunately, it took 14 months to get the tenants out, by that time they h...
Scott Steele interviews the magazine's features editor Andy Holloway. Generally they're saying it is a good time to buy if you think for the long term. Andy suggests that if you buy now then be prepared for the prices to drop over the next 6 months. This may be true in some areas but not necessar...
Canada's natural resources are what the world needs. "Despite its economic ills, Canada is the best place to ride out a worldwide recession, ....And the best place in Canada is Alberta. "Compared to the ailing economies of nations such as the United States, Germany, France, Italy and Japan, Cana...
I hope that everyone celebrating Easter had a wonderful weekend. Spring seems to have blown in like a breath of fresh air and lifted spirits. We'll get some good news, then temper it with a bit of bad. I imagine that we'll ping-pong this way for another year or so before deciding that things wil...
This article from MSN money is fantastic. Basically the state of your wallet is the state of your finances on a very small scale. So, if it's stuffed with crumpled bills and receipts your head is in the sand but if your bills are orderly and you know how much is in there you have a pretty good co...

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