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Sick babies, vacuums and microwaves. What do they all have in common? Hard to guess for most, but for me they are a flurry of things that went sideways in my house last week. It brings to mind the old adage trouble comes in threes. Our challenges were small this month but what about months when y...
Regardless of what is happening in the short term Alberta, specifically Edmonton and Calgary are the best places to keep your money for long-term returns. "Cowtown is Wowtown but Edmonton isn't far behind, says a report released yesterday that gave Calgary a top-of-the-class grade on a global sco...
From Globe and Mail "Jeff Rubin, former chief economist at CIBC World Markets Inc., took your questions at Wednesday at 12:15 p.m. Mr. Rubin built his reputation on a number of successful predictions, including one in 2000 that oil prices would hit $50 (U.S.) a barrel within five years and correc...
With the the hint of warmer weather and a couple of dead cat bounces, market sentiment seems up. I'd say that for Edmonton real estate it is a combination of the increasingly lower prime rates; soon banks will be stuffing dollars into our pockets. And the cyclicallift that spring/summer bring to ...
Have you ever left your house and miles away wondered if you locked the door? Well apparently it doesn't matter if you did or not because thieves and miscreants can now open almost any door with a technique called bumping. First watch what it is: There are special lock sprays and bump-proof locks...
Local bankers see thaw in economy Alberta the place to be to 'ride out' recession - "I'd rather be here in Alberta than anywhere else in the world right now to ride out this recession," said Garth Warner, chief executive of Servus Credit Union Alberta's jobless rate highest since 2002 - "Alberta...
My husband forwarded House Miners to me today. The information from three simple drop down menus is analyzed to help you decide whether or not to sell or buy a house now. The parameters are:1. Where is it? - Country, Province/State, City2. I'm thinking about -buying or selling3. How much is....?-...
If you stood in line for hours two years ago hoping to pick up a pre-build condo when Alberta prices were going up - I hope this article isn't about you.Builders are suing buyers who backed out of a condominium development in Leduc. Now that prices are softer and the condo sale price has lost val...
What do you do when a natural disaster strikes your community? How will it affect your business?Payroll, separate operating locations and client contact information are a few of the preparations you must consider."A survey from Office Depot last year found that 40% of small businesses in the US w...
Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel sees the sunny side of the "bust". He's not being a Pollyanna rather a realist who realizes the area as the economic powerhouse that it is.Below are Mayor Mandel's quotes from an exclusive interview with Metro“(Edmonton was) so overpriced that it was ridiculous,”“Wha...

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