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Alta. premier tells Ottawa not to be 'boy scouts' on climate change - “We just want to be very careful that we’re not boy scouts leading here and finding that our best trading partner may have a different plan or approach to climate change,” Ed StelmachThe environment is the number 1 priority but...
A five year old girl set her mind to feeding the hungry and homeless in her city. With a determination and action in over 2 months she was able to feed 18,000 homeless people buy collecting cans ( who knew $3,700.00 could feed 18,000). She is 5-years-old, it's amazing the possibilities that child...
Edmonton's economy has diversified over the last 20 or 25 years ago but there is no ignoring the price of oil and it's effect on the city.Edmonton is booming because it has more untapped oil in the oil sands than any other country in the world. The city's population growth is due to many things: ...
Browsing on the mls yesterday came across some of the worst photos I've ever seen of a property. I mean really... Would it kill you to flush the toilet? (not for the weak of heart)There is a incredibly funny site called It's lovely! I'll take it! and these photos belong there.The thing is it's no...
We've all thought about what we would do if we got the windfall that would take us to life changing wealth. For some it might be to quite your job or travel other may start their dream company or build that fantastic house.BBC Radio Scotland is doing a series on people who have come into life cha...
I don't know why Canadians have such fixed opinions of our cities. For example you say "Toronto" and you can unleash a torrent of vitriol from quite a few Canadians. Personally I think Toronto is dire but don't hate it.Anywhere between Ontario and Alberta will get an eye roll perhaps a shocked ex...
I have had the purest experience of the power of focus. If you've ever been around a baby who has just learned to crawl you will know what I mean. Before my son saw what he wanted but had no method of obtaining it aside from crying. Chances were probably 50/50 that he would get it.Now with the po...
"It will be real estate that starts to stimulate the economy,""I don't buy into the concept of bottoming out.........People make the decision to buy based on their personal wants and needs. Is it the right time to buy? If you are comfortable with where you are financially, then now is the time to...
Perspective and Assumption. How much do you assume?A little old couple walked into a fast food restaurant. The little old man walked up to the counter, ordered the food, paid, and took the tray back to the table where the little old lady sat. On the tray was a hamburger, a small bag of fries and ...
A poor misguided youth in Calgary was enticed by a "friend" to hold a mortgage in his name. He signed the mortgage docs in the back of a car with no legal counsel. He qualified for and got over $800,000 worth of mortgages on two properties."Even though Jason had a reported income of less than $20...

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