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Focused on the Alberta oil sands we help investors from all over the word invest in the biggest economic boom of our time.



to this ? picture courtesy of It's lovely! I'll take it!   Does snow make everything ok? Remember the first heavy snowfall of the year. You're out walking with warm mitten clad hands, toasty boots and a gut full of cocoa or perhaps a nice cognac for those so inclined. As you walk you can hear th...
The one thing you hear about rental property is "I don't want to deal with tenants!" Well it's not all black and white; for every 1 bad tenant you have there are dozens who love and treat your property as their own.However for that bad one there are many services which allow you, the landlord, to...
There's gotta be a grocery store around here right? Famous last words. The house is perfect and matches all you criteria. You can' t wait to move but where is everything?orHow many times are you asked by a prospective buyer or tenant what amenities a neighbourhood (Canadian spelling!) has? A lot...
If the future of our economy is depending on natural resources then the future is depending on Alberta oilsands. Boom or bust they are here to stay. With 400 years of oil reserves until we start making cars that run on water the world is looking to Alberta to produce Food Fuel and Fertilizer. "F...
Alberta Spends $2Billon for largest Carbon Capture Pipeline in the world -"Alberta will spend $2 billion over the next 15 years to push through with the largest pipeline system in the world to capture carbon dioxide. The green signal for the project was the recent signing of Letters of Intent wit...
We are all enjoying a reprieve from big mortgage payments but what how do we prepare for rising mortgage rates?Here from Peter Kinch's mail-out is a transcript of the interview between Peter Kinch and Russell Byth that aired Sunday, November 22nd on News 1130 ************* Russ:There's been a lot...
Some things you probably never knew about Edmonton, Alberta: The name "Edmonton" is a Latinized version of a Saxon word meaning "Happy Hamlet,” and was used to honour the home of HBC governor James Winter Lake who was from Edmonton, England. The city's population stands at 782,439 people as of Ap...
With the holidays around the corner ( I know I am pushing it!) there is never a better time to give back. Coming out of an recession is hard on everyone's pocket books and sometimes it is most obvious during the holidays.There are so many great charities to take part in. I have been invited via F...
Some of you know that I 've lived in Japan for about a decade now. The one thing that is constant here is change. Sometimes if I don't go downtown for a month buildings have changed.Japan leads in new technology. The coolest thing is a square called a QR code that can go anywhere (clothing tags, ...
These are hilarious.  You will definitely get a few laugh out loud guffaws. They are all from different sources on the net and are only as dirty as your mind and bad grammar. From the REIN site. Complaints from Renters   1. I want some repairs done to my oven as it has backfired and burnt my knob...

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