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Focused on the Alberta oil sands we help investors from all over the word invest in the biggest economic boom of our time.



Jumping into '09 columnists continue focusing on the negative. Sure, things will get worse (especially in the U.S.) before they'll get better - but certainly, they will get better. What doesn't kill banks and businesses will make them stronger.U.S. president-elect Barack Obama plans to travel to ...
How can you own a safe and secure investment without using your own money?Canadians with good credit and steady jobs are feeling stuck on the sidelines when it comes to investing because they lack the funds. Spending their time working, saving for a home or putting money into their RRSP leaves li...
Probably the safest place in the world to park your investment funds. Edmonton revenue real estate is a tangible asset so it doesn't have scary fluctuations, produces cashflow which means increases in your bank account every month and is a bargain right now.
My last post focused on negative media and find what the real story is behind the "negative- speak" headlines. Also make sure the articles are about your region and not a national piece, especially when it comes to real estate.In 2007 Edmonton single detached home prices reached a peak at around ...
I can't understand the news. It seems like 90% of the time the article starts so negatively and the words chosen in the headlines so full of shock that it's easy to think everything is going down the drain. Take these examples: Economic woes put target on foreign staff - "We don't forecast for te...
We are back at work after a really great holiday. After a great stay in a 300 Year Old Japanese Onsen hotel , enjoying our sons first Christmas we rounded the holiday off by a visit to our friends and master mind group in Saitama. Once again by meeting like minded people who challenge and inspire...

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