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Focused on the Alberta oil sands we help investors from all over the word invest in the biggest economic boom of our time.
"The West Coast actor turned real estate guru says investors should concentrate more on what is happening in their backyard than what the mainstream media has to bemoan about the property market.The RE/MAX agent says when he purchased his first property in Vancouver in 2000, the media then was al...
Posturing, Political Strategy? Whatever it was, its good this deal is on the table."The premiers of British Columbia and Alberta have launched a joint plan to expand exports of oil, gas and other resources, laying the groundwork for new pipeline projects to the west coast.Wrapping up discussions ...
I really like this video. When you're an entrepreneur it's easy to get discouraged by the hordes of "I made 6 figures in 3 months!" marketing you see. This video puts it all into perspective.    
Alberta Oil Sands Investment Real Estate News® Glenn Simon Inc., Suite 1217, 5328 Calgary Trail NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Tel 1-888-780-5940 Fax 1-888-276-4517   email:   July 27, 2013 Volume 15, Issue 1   Dear Friends and Partners,   I'm inspired...
I wrote about the man who donated coffee at Tim Hortons to the next few hundred patrons. Since then it has happened three other times.   The comments on this article range from gratitude to disdain calling it a publicity stunt. Since most of the donors remain anonymous it seems a horribly ill tho...
A man (angel on earth) walked into Tim Horton's and paid for the next 1000 coffees - what a great gesture and that means a lot to Canadians - free double double? Nice. I think this is a great story. I initially heard about it on the radio and I am surprised it made print amongst all the 'bad' new...
I posted my 1000th blog and only noticed after I was at 1002. It's been about 7 years of blogging - I started in 2006. I remember my first post.    I've been a lax blogger and prodigious at times over the years 2007 was my peak with 248 blogs. Then came children....   Since I've started blogging ...
We did a three part series for NuWire Investor - it's a really good read full of crucial information for new and even experienced investors.    When you start anything there are always moments when you say "Why didn't anyone tell me about that?" These articles cover THAT stuff (some of it anyways...
                We took a day off on Sunday and went to the lake with our sons. Todd and Ronan went out in our 300lb (not exact weight just very heavy) canoe.     It was beautiful. Pristine lake, nice weather, not crowded and a great clean site.    This was all about 1 hour from my door. Usually...
Every few months I got to the Edmonton Stories site. I love reading about people moving to Edmonton and what brought them here.    Recently we've seen a huge transition of tenants moving to home owners. I've had about 8 vacancies this month half of which are tenants moving into their own home.   ...

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