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Focused on the Alberta oil sands we help investors from all over the word invest in the biggest economic boom of our time.
You can vote and have a say on what historical pictures of Edmonton go into a calendar they are making (not sure for when I think 2014).  Some are so interesting as you can see huge changes to familiar areas now. The comments are also enlightening - hearing from people who these pictures spark m...
"When it comes to the real estate market, the conjecture is flowing, the questions being posed, the concern mounting. In the majority of the country, this concern is all focused on markets perceived to be ‘over-priced’ or ‘over-heated.’   However, with a quick trip west to Alberta you find the co...
Alberta Oil Sands Investment Real Estate News®Glenn Simon Inc., Suite 1217, 5328 Calgary Trail NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Tel 1-888-780-5940 Fax 1-888-276-4517   email: April 15th., 2013Volume 14, Issue 5Dear Friends and Partners,A crow was sitting...
I signed up for a seminar from Chris at Credit Info Canada. I love seminars. Even at the worst ones I've been able to come away with 1 nugget that will help me improve my business.    I also love meeting people who are going through the exact same challenges day in and day out that I am. We share...
Don't worry about the Canadian housing market. Learn about your area and what's going on there. Toronto prices aren't going to touch you in Red Deer.   “There is no Canadian housing market...At no other time in history has the real estate market in Canada been so regional,”     “If you go to Ham...
What a great video! I see it's from 2011 so a lot of you have probably seen it already.    
  Alberta Oil Sands Investment Real Estate News® Glenn Simon Inc., Suite 1217, 5328 Calgary Trail NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Tel 1-888-780-5940 Fax 1-888-276-4517   email:   March 1st., 2013 Volume 14, Issue 2   Dear Friends and Partners,   We seem...
        In the Canadian Real Estate Wealth newsletter this week there was a funny article about a landlord in the US spanking a delinquent tenant. Obviously not the best solution out there but a fun one that you dream of as you make the 15th call to collect rent. "The police report says late las...
...except today.   Not only is Edmonton Qualtiy of Life third best in the world, a ranking Numbeo doesn't see changing drastically in 2013. Edmonton also ranks highly as the fourth sunniest city in Canada.    I've lived in some incredibly overcast places (Lower mainland and Japan) Edmonton seems ...
Todd and I were happy to receive our Platinum pin last year from REIN it was a goal we've been working towards for about 7 years. We've come to a place where we know so clearly the kind of properties that we purchase that we can refine our searches so precisely that the only properties brought to...

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