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Discover the methods to successful real estate internet marketing from former web developers and now practicing real estate brokers who get 75% of their business from their websites. Learn the tips to generate 100's of leads each and every month.
For those that have read our posts before, maybe this comes as a surprise, after all we are major supporters of paid online advertising.  My revelation that ads don't work comes after speaking with agents all across the country.  One of the most common items I hear is that they want traffic to th...
Minus the question mark at the end of the title and this was the subject of an e-mail that I recently received.  I wonder if anyone else here on ActiveRain received it? Facebook and the other applications involved with Social networking are here to stay and seem to be getting some of the very sam...
I was in San Diego this past weekend with my family.  Most of my family throughout San Diego was able to come to my parent's house to catch up and enjoy a great sunny day.  We chatted about a little bit of everything and one of the topics that came up was twitter.  We did dive even more into soci...
By now, I am sure you have noticed that Google has made a few changes to the results they are displaying.  In case you hadn't had a chance to see what they rolled out, on the 24th they announced on the Google blog 2 major changes.  Those two changes are: Extended Snippets - The descriptive inform...
I got my 4Runner detailed just last week.  I really like getting a car detailed.  When they do the full detail such time is taken to ensure that every part of the vehicle is clean.  They don't just wash and vacuum, no everyone can do that.  They take the time to apply clay bar, wax, polish applyi...
When you focus on getting people to visit your website there are plenty of challenges and expenses involved.  Even when you focus on SEO, you are putting countless hours of work in to get people to visit your website and you certainly want some rewards for all of that work.  The obvious main bene...
As you are working away with your real estate SEO efforts it is common to type in some searches to see how your efforts are resulting in new rankings.  In fact, it really is exciting to see what progression you have made.  Maybe you couldn't even find yourself in the SERPs before and now you actu...
Ok, so they don't have cameras mounted on our computers (yet) but they are doing some great research on eye movements in relationship to search.  If you had a chance to check out the post last week on Google's Blog it really is interesting and gives you some good things to think about. The Resear...
As many of us have been marketing online for our real estate businesses for years we often forget that we had to start with a single step.  That single step was filled with many different emotions.  Thinking back, I was excited, nervous, and not altogether sure what would happen, I just new that ...
It's nice that 2009 is off and running.  I know the AR community is experiencing success all around and it's good to see :).  I have heard a few agents complain that buyers are just looking for deals or just want to see a few homes and then don't purchase.  For some reason these same problems see...

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Discover methods of real estate internet marketing that generate traffic, leads, and business from former web developers and now practicing real estate brokers who get 75% of their business from their websites. Learn the tips to generate 100's of leads each and every month.

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